Asheville Area Chapter
Board of Directors


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Asheville, NC Chapter is pleased to announce its Board of Directors for 2020:
From left to right, front to rear:
President – Lorraine Silverman
Membership Director - Kelli Crisan
Golf Programs and Events Director -  Valerie Thorn
Finance and Records Director - Kathy Wicker
Membership Recruitment Director
- Amy Noack
Events Director - Cheri Kenyon 
Marketing Director - Dallas Triniti

board of directors 2020

What do we do?
Chapter President
Lorraine Silverman

  • Directs Board members and creates a positive and productive Board environment
  • Accountable for all Directors fulfillment of roles and responsibilities
  • Works with the Chapter Board to identify goals for the Chapter
  • Oversees general Chapter operations 
  • Facilitates Chapter Board meetings 
  • Acts as representative and spokesperson of the Board and members – internally and externally
  • Ensures that Chapter offers the best membership experience in line with LPGA Amateur Golf Association standards and expectations
  • Ensures that Chapter meets all LPGA Amateur Golf Association requirements and Minimum Standards 
  • Understands and supports the ‘big picture’ and the strategic direction of the organization locally and nationally

Membership Director 
Kelli Crisan             

  • Member Welcome Program and Onboarding Process 
  • Member Orientations 
  • Member participation
  • Volunteer recruiting
  • Volunteer recognition
  • Golf Mentoring Program

Member Recruitment Director
amy Noack (2)

Member Recruitment Events Community Collaboration and Relations

Events Director
Cheri Kenyon 

  • Golf Activities: golf-related events, leagues, golf education 
  • Non-Golf Activities: Social and networking groups and other events 
  • Special Events
  • Charity Events
  • Inter-Chapter Events (ex. Lone Star Cup, Dixie Cup)  
  • Chapter Championship
  • Champions Cup
  • Handicap System
  • Rules, Etiquette & Handicap Education
  • Chapter Events Calendar

 Finance and Records Director
kathy Wicker (2)

  • Filing of required Chapter Minimum Standards with LPGA HQ
  • Compliance with Chapter and Association Policies
  • Financial Oversight o Maintains Chapter Bank Account(s) and investment accounts
  • Develop / Monitor Budget
  • Year End Financials
  • Tax Returns
  • Business Requirements
  • Tax Exempt Status
  • Incorporation Status
  • Insurance
  • Chapter Master Calendar
  • Meeting Minutes 

Marketing Director
Dallas Triniti

  • Compliance with the organization’s Brand Guidelines
  • Media Relations
    • Press Releases
    • Community Calendars
    • Help promote events to the community
  • Chapter Communications via administering Email accounts
  • Chapter Website
    • Website Administration
    • Website Transitions
    • Website Maintenance
  • Social Networking (Facebook, Evite)
  • Newsletters / EBlasts
  • Help promote events to members
  • Chapter Partners / Business Sponsors
  • Membership contact information phone list

Golf Programs and Services Director 

Valerie Thorn