LPGA Amateur Golf Association Nashville Chapter
Board of Directors

Elections are held every fall to choose the volunteers who will give of their time and talent to the operation of the Chapter. The President, Secretary and Finance Director serve as the Officers of the organization and assure we operate as responsible stewards of the activities and funds. In addition, we have a Membership Director, a Sponsorship Chair, Events Chairs and Communications Directors. Through regularly held Board meetings, they provide the leadership and direction for the Chapter.


President - 1 year                             
    Provides leadership and guidance to the Chapter Board of Directors, oversees all activities of the Chapter and corresponds with LPGA Amateurs Golf Association Headquarters

Secretary - 2 years           
     Attends Board meetings, takes minutes and facilitates communication and correspondence as assigned        

Finance Director -  2 years
     Works with Chapter software to manage all accounting needs for the chapter and handles correspondence and filing of legal documents as appropriate

Membership -  2 years   
Sponsorship -  2 years    
Events -  1 year 
Communication -  1 year
Handicap -  1 year

Other Volunteer Roles

Local Qualifier Competition (Chapter Championship): Assumes leadership responsibilities to choose the date and course, communicate with the course to meet necessary requirements, facilitate the championship event including determining winners, ordering and distributing awards and volunteer recognition.
League Coordinator:
 Assists with recruitment and selection of the League Captains. Provides communication to the captains and assists with organization, promotion and problem-solving.
League Captain: Oversees the promotion, registration and execution of weekly league play. When appropriate, assures someone is assigned to manage the league in their absence.


President: Terry Applegate president@lpgaamateursnashville.com
Secretary: Donna Ruggles sponsorship@lpgaamateursnashville.com
Finance Director:  Christy Glaser 
Membership Director: Sue Atkin 
Events Co-Directors:
  Andrea Velasquez & Audrey Anderson
Sponsorship/Marketing Director: Donna Ruggles sponsorship@lpgaamateursnashville.com
Communications Co-Chairs:
  Yolanda Inge  &  Leann Crawley 
  Joni Kies communications@lpgaamateursnashville.com
Handicap Chair – Lynn Osborn