LPGA Amateur Golf Association Nashville Chapter
Board of Directors

Elections are held every fall to choose the volunteers who will give of their time and talent to the Chapter's operations. Positions include President, Finance and Records Director, Membership Director, Marketing Director, Golf and Events Director(s) and Communications Director(s). Through regularly held Board meetings, they provide the leadership and direction for the Chapter.

All positions serve a 2 year term except for the President (1 year).
All positions are re-electable for subsequent terms, with no one serving in more than 1 capacity at a time or for more than 6 years consecutively.

President   Provides leadership to the Chapter Board of Directors, oversees all activities and corresponds with LPGA Amateurs Golf Association Headquarters

Finance and Records Director   Oversees and manages the financial and governance matters and serves as record keeper and historian    

Membership Director   Serves as key contact and facilitator for all things membership, new or renewing  

Marketing Director   Serves as the primary contact for print and media promotion. Manages social media and facilitates relationships with our sponsor partners
Golf and Events Director(s)   Plans, executes and evaluates all golf programs and events including play dates, league play, tournaments, social outings, trips and special events. The position is supported by a committee that assists with delivering each event.

Communication Director(s)   Manages all aspects of the the website and associated technology for event registration and chapter email subscriptions, all newsletters and announcements, all print materials and assists with communication through social media

Other Board Ad Hoc Volunteer Roles

Handicap Chair   Manages aspects and facilitates education as associated with our members having a handicap

PGA HOPE Liasion   Serves as primary contact and facilitator for all matters associated with support to our PGAHOPE efforts in conjunction with TGA

CaringFriends Coordinator   Monitors our members well being and facilitates contact and support to reinforce to our members that we are a caring community of friends


President   Terry Applegate president@lpgaamateursnashville.com
Finance and Records Director   Marie Tucker
Membership Director  Sue Atkin 
Golf and Events Directors   Andrea Velasquez & Audrey Anderson
Marketing Director  Catherine McEwen
Sponsorship  Donna Ruggles
Communications Directors  Joni Kies communications@lpgaamateursnashville.com
      and Yolanda Inge

Handicap Chair
PGA HOPE Liasion   Leann Crawley
CaringFriends Coordinator    Patti McCarver