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Feb 12, 2019, 12:30 PM
Chapter Full Name : Tucson
State : AZ
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  •  May 1 - Happy Hour and Member Welcome Join us at NorthItalia on  Wednesday, May 1 at 5 pm to mix and mingle with our new members and old friends. And if you have a friend who might be interested in LPGA Amateurs, #inviteher! We'll take a break from golf for this mid-week get-together at one of our favorite, centrally-located watering holes. Your LPGA Amateurs Tucson Chapter will host with appetizers. Wine, beer and craft cocktails are available for purchase. Contact Membership Recruitment Director Liddy West at ewest123@msn.com if you have questions. RSVP on our events page
  • May 11 - Play Forty Niner CC!!!!  $23/all in pricing  Bring a guest!!!  Go to Chapter Events to sign up.  Registration closes May 4
  • The Cup is coming!!!!   If you would like to participate in a match play format, 8-person team, please contact Events Director Mary Ellen Case at mec0329@msn.com . The Western Regional Cup Qualifier is September 28-29 at Red Hawk Golf Club in Sparks, Nevada. Registration opens Jun 3. The finals will be November 1-2 in Orlando, Florida.
  • Dorado League - Every Wednesday The Dorado league ends April 25. $20 to ride and $14 to walk. RSVP to Member Services Director Theresa Riel at treil65@gmail.com. Details are being finalized for the Ventana summer league.

Get Rewarded for Participation and New Member Referrals

Once again, we will be tracking participation in LPGA Amateur Golf Association Tucson events and will award a prize to the person who participates in the most events in 2019  – fun events, ringers, competitions, leagues, social events, everything!  And the winner will be recognized at our Annual Business Dinner in November.

Also this year we will be giving a prize to the member that recruits the most new members this year. Make sure your new members says you referred her on the new member application. 

In line with LPGA Amateurs Chapters around the country, we're going to broaden our outreach, publicize our events more widely, and welcome guests at all events.  All levels of golfers who want to learn, play, and enjoy golf for business and fun are welcome to play at chapter events.  Your chapter hosts golf outings, social, and networking events throughout the year.  Chapter members are provided with the opportunity to participate in local, regional, and national championships and events.  Whether you’re a beginner taking your first lesson or an experienced lifelong golfer, you’ll find a warm welcome from our members. 

Five reasons to join:
-  Largest amateur women's golf organization in the US
-  Connect with new friends who share your love of the game
-  Make useful business contacts
-  Save $$ and let us organize your round at courses across the Tucson area
Have fun!!

The Tucson Chapter welcomes volunteers to serve on the board, work with board members, plan and manage events and assist tournament directors on competition days.

Board of Directors 2018-19

President - Kathy Chavez
Finance - Donna Shaw
Member Services - Theresa Riel
Member Recruitment - Liddy West
Communications/Marketing - Position Open 
Golf Events/Activities - Mary Ellen Case

Your chapter is a volunteer-run organization. Volunteers serve on the board to plan and hold many events throughout the year, but it takes many volunteers behind the scenes to make our chapter a success. These key volunteers help keep things running smoothly during the year:

  • Sponsors: Joanne Dowdy organizes and finds new sponsors that support our events. Joanne also tracks member participation for recognition at the end of the year and she is always happy to help with other events, too!
  • Handicap: Sandi Rabrich, handicap chair, provides handicap indices to the event organizer for competitions that are flighted or require an index. She is also our AGA handicap liaison for members that wish to  hold their handicap with AGA. She can answer any question about handicaps. If you don't have a handicap, contact Sandi!
  • AGA Rep: Jacki McCue is our AGA representative and organizes the AGA medallion qualifier. Jacki has also served on the board in many positions
  • Recordkeeping: Janet West prepares minutes of our board meetings and keeps the chapter records organized

This year's LCQ tournament director of the day, Liddy West, made sure all went smoothly and was assisted by Terry Rosales and Janet West.

Please thank our volunteers when you see them. Volunteers are what make our chapter a success. If you would like to volunteer, contact any Board Member.

LPGA Amateurs Golf Association

 Tucson Chapter


Approved by the Board March 28, 2016

  1. Financial Policies


    1. Financial Statements — Monthly financial statements will be prepared by the Finance Director for the Board’s review and approval at their regularly scheduled meetings.  The statements will include chapter expenses, income and fund balances


    2. Budget Overages — Board directors are authorized to spend chapter funds on budgeted categories. The Chapter President may approve an expense that exceeds the budget by more than $100. 


    1. Refunds— Registrants must contact the event coordinator seven days in advance of the event date to receive a refund.  Fees will be refunded if the course refunds fees.  The Chapter will return payment to the registrant or credit the registrant’s payment account. Refunds will be net of any administrative costs.


  2. Event Policies


    1. Inclement Weather
      1. Events will not be cancelled due to inclement weather, unless the golf course cancels play. Registrants are responsible for contacting the golf course.  Refunds will not be given for inclement weather before play, unless the golf course has cancelled play and refunded any prepayments to LPGA Amateurs Tucson.


      2. After play has commenced, refunds will be given only if the golf course agrees to refund the Chapter or registrants.  Rain checks may be issued by the course to be used at a later date by the golfer, independent of an LPGA Amateurs Tucson event.


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Tucson Chapter

has the following leagues available throughout the year.

2019 Winter Dorado League
Sign up in the Events Page
January through April
Fun 9-hole league each Thursday
$20 to ride and $14 to walk


2019 Summer Ventana League
Starting our 16th Season!!

 May 15th through August 28
New and Easy Format
Winners Each Week
Play Each Week or When You Can
Details in April 

What is a Ringer??
A ringer tournament is a type of multi-round tournament. It takes the best score a player has made on each hole one over multiple rounds. Usually the tournament is played on the same course and same tees in all the rounds . 

Rules for Match Play

1- Forget about it - Each hole is a separate competition - once it has been played - it is      over - (unless there is a dispute).
    Concession of Match, Hole, or Next Stroke
        *  A player may concede a match or hole at any time prior to the start or conclusion             of that match or hole
        *  A player may concede her opponent’s next stroke at any time, as long as the                   opponent’s ball is at rest – 
           the opponent is considered to have holed out with that next stroke
        *  A concession may not be declined or withdrawn.

2 - Hitting the ball again - There are several reasons in match play why you and/or              your opponent may be asked to replay the shot (without penalty). 
        *  Hitting outside the teeing area
        *  Hitting out of turn
        *  Hitting an opponent

Winning: The side who has won the most holes wins the match. When a side is winning by more holes than there are holes remaining, the match is won. A match can be won before all 18 holes are played. For example, if you win the first 10 holes, you've won the match because there are only 8 holes left to play. Each winning match is awarded 1 point towards the team total and halved matches are awarded ½ point. All squared indicates the match is tied.

Handicap - USGA Ushers Rules Changes in 2019

You’ve Heard About the New Rules…Flag in? Flag out? Penalty area? Everyone is talking about the new rules. If you didn’t get a chance to join us at our recent Rules Seminar, check out the rules change highlights here.

Why maintain a Handicap Index?

Experienced Golfers: Golf allows friendly and serious competition between players of differing abilities.  A handicap enables golfers to compete fairly - each player with the opportunity to succeed.  Since many LPGA Amateurs golf events include some type of competition,  members with USGA handicaps ensure that they compete fairly with the other LPGA Amateurs members.  In addition, a member must have a current handicap index to compete for Low Net in LPGA Amateurs Monthly events, participate in Ringer Tournaments,  compete in the LPGA Amateurs Champions Cup series, and the LPGA Amateurs Championship Series which begins with the Chapter Championship, and other Chapter golf events.  A player without an index is always welcome to participate in fun play and/or Low Gross.

Newer Golfers:  In addition to the reasons listed above, a handicap can gives tangible evidence of improvement. Many of our new players also suggest that having a handicap makes one feel like a real golfer.  For most competitions, we allow higher handicap players to participate, but they must play at a maximum of 40.4.  The exceptions are the Chapter Championship Stroke Play division and the Championship Cup Match Play division.  A player must be 40.4 or below to compete.  Chapter Championship Scramble Teams may include players with an index of 40.4 or higher.  The same requirement of 40.4 maximum applies.

To set up a handicap, collect information on five or more 18-hole rounds you've played.  Some may be 9-hole rounds as long as they equal five 18-hole rounds.  If you are using the GolfNet system, you will establish service and post scores at www.lpgaamateurs.com.  Following member log in, click on My Handicap on the left.  For AGA service, go to www.awga.org  join the LPGA Amateurs Tucson Chapter club online, then, establish your egolf bag page to post scores, etc.

Which service should I choose?

Beginning January 1, 2020, the handicap benefit through LPGA Amateurs will be eliminated. Fortunately, the LPGA Amateurs Tucson Chapter is a member with the Arizona Golf Association. The cost is $30 annually. To establish a handicap with the Arizona Golf Association, contact our handicap chair, Sandi Rabrich at srabrich@gmail.com


Feature AWGA Handicap
managed by the Tucson Chapter
(will be eliminated January 1, 2020)
Official USGA Handicap Yes Yes
Cost $30 per year Included in LPGA Amateurs membership
Allows posting scores at course Yes No
Allows posting scores on-line Yes
Login at AWGA.org site
Login atlpgaamateurs.com site
Allows playing in State Medallion & other Arizona Women's Golf Association events Yes No
Allows tracking of hole-by-hole information & overall progress No Yes
Other Requires yearly renewal (December)

Some local courses not yet listed, but they have added the ability to enter course data and other tees.

What do I need to establish a handicap?
To set up a handicap, collect information on five or more 18-hole rounds you've played.  Some may be 9-hole rounds as long as they equal five 18-hole rounds.  If you are using the GolfNet system, you will establish service and post scores at www.lpgaamateurs.com.  Following member log in, click on My Handicap on the left.  For AGA service, go to www.awga.org  join the LPGA Amateurs Tucson Chapter club online, then, establish your egolf bag page to post scores, etc

What if I have handicap thru another organization?
If you have a USGA Handicap through another golf organization it can be used for all LPGA Amateurs competition events except the AWGA State Medallion series.  To participate in the Medallion, you must hold your handicap with EWGA Club of the AWGA, or be a dual member within the AWGA.  Questions? Contact Sandi Rabrich at srabrich@gmail.com 

Excerpts from the AWGA website on handicaps:
The purpose of the USGA Handicap System is to make the game of golf enjoyable by enabling golfers of differing abilities to compete on an equitable basis. A golfer begins with a USGA Handicap Index and converts that to a Course Handicap based upon the Slope Rating of the golf course being played.

The handicap calculated reflects a golfer's "potential" ability to play the game. With this in mind, the system disregards unusually high holes played or high rounds posted. One of the basic premises of the USGA system is that golfers will try to make the best score they can on each and every round they play. They will also post every acceptable round for peer review.

How Do I Join The Two Club?

The Two Club is a golf group that anyone can join. The only requirement for membership is that a gross “2” is scored while playing with a Two Club member or members.

  1. Score a gross “2” (usually a birdie on a par 3) AND ASK if anyone is a member of the Two Club.
  2. If so, pay each Two Club member $1.00. You are then a member for life.
  3. Once a Two Club member, whenever you score a “2”, you must ask if anyone in the group is a Two Club member. If there are any, EACH person owes you $1.00. Thereafter, if you are playing with someone who scores a “2”, you either receive $1.00 from them, if they wish to join, or YOU pay them $1.00 if they are already a member.
  4. If you score a “2” on a hole and ARE NOT playing with a Two Club member, YOU CANNOT JOIN THE CLUB yet.

When you have joined, contact Sandi Rabrich at srabrich@gmail.com and she will give you a “2 club” pin to display proudly on your golf bag.

new sponsors

Includes all benefits of Gold and Silver Levels, plus:
● Opportunity to send business information to LPGA Amateurs Tucson members
   via email distribution four times during agreement year. We will perform the
  distribution at your direction and with your message and materials (some
  restrictions on large attachments may apply). Chapter distribution lists are not
  provided to sponsors.
● Your company will be a “Featured Sponsor” at the following events:
   Local Championship Qualifier (May/April)
   New Member Recruitment Event (Spring)
   Holiday Party (December)
   Annual Meeting (November)
  Other events may be added at the Chapter’s discretion.

 Includes all benefits of Silver Level, plus:
● Link to your company’s web site
● Advertisement on our Chapter website, which includes up to two
   seasonal/promotional changes per year
● Opportunity to send business information to Chapter members via email
   distribution two times during agreement year. We will perform the distribution at
   your direction and with your message and materials (some restrictions on large
   attachments may apply). Chapter distribution lists are not provided to sponsors.

● Prominent recognition on our Chapter web site (www.lpgaamateurstucson.com)
   as a sponsor
● Advertisement in our chapter newsletter
● Your company name will be displayed on our sponsor’s promotional marquee at
   major events
● Opportunity to display and distribute promotional materials at the Local
   Championship Qualifier and Annual Dinner Meeting events

Click Here for Sponsor Application Form
The chapter will be adding contact information for sites in Southern Arizona 
Tucson, AZ
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