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We are now offering virtual clinics and other online educational opportunities.  Please check the Education page for more information!


The safety and well-being of our members and our community are our top priorities. Due to the serious public health emergency created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have decided to suspend all in-person chapter activities and registrations for future events until at least the beginning of April.  We will monitor the evolving situation and continue to provide updates as they become available through our website, Facebook, Instagram and email.

We thank you, our valued members for understanding this shared challenge. Take care of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you once we are able to return to our normal lives.

Please join us in doing our part to mitigate the spread of this virus - #FlattenTheCurve.


Tee Off  - PostPoned

Sunday, March 22, 2020     11am-3pm 
Brooklake Country Club

2020 Golf School at the Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort
April 24-26 - Cancelled

Get the Rust Off Clinics
April 18th and 25th
11:30AM - 12:30PM
$45 for 1, $90 for both
Register Now!


2020 LPGA Amateurs Scramble Open
May 22-23, 2020
Pinehurst Resort, North Carolina

All handicaps are eligible for this tournament.  So get your friends together and form a team.  It is an amazing experience, good competition and a ton of fun!!!! 

If you do not have a team but would like to play- please reach out to Jane Egan (  We will try to form additional teams. 

Registration opens- December 11, 2019 at 9 pm EST

The field will be made up of a maximum of 80 four person teams (320 players).  

Note- This event has closed out on the 1st day in the past.

2020 LPGA Amateurs Stableford*
April 17-18, 2020
Sewailo Golf Club at Casino Del Sol- Tuscon, Arizona

*This event is limited to players with Handicap Indexes of 24.0 and above at time of registration.

This is a new National event that will have a field with a maximum of 60 two person teams (120 total players) from all over the US.  So get one of your friends to form a team.  What a great way to start off the season. Teams will be from allover the US and is guaranteed to be a fun time!!  

Registration opens- January 15, 2020 at 9:00pm EST.

2020 National Calendar Link


If you would like to promote a charitable event here, please send an email to Once approved, it will be posted here. 


Learning and Mentoring

LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  offers a full curriculum of golf learning and mentoring programs designed for women at all levels of play.

Instructional Partners (Discounts vary)

Jeff Severini                                               

Deb O’Connell – Golf Positive                                   

Sue Delaney – Basking Ridge Country Club     

AJ Spicer - Paramus Golf                                 

Carole Charbonnier - Morris County Courses |

Membership Business Directory 

Another member benefit with LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey is its robust Membership Directory. The purpose of the Membership Directory is to connect its members on a deeper level whether for golf, networking or conversation.  Please complete the following form to be included in our Member Business Listing here.

Want to promote your own business or the organization company that sponsors your membership? in our Member Business Directory.
Are you representing or supporting Not working in the corporate world but would like to feature a charitable organization you support?

Then share it in the Membership Directory. Don't be left out, stay connected.

Additional marketing opportunities available as a Chapter sponsor.

Northern NJ Sponsors

The Resorts at Crystal Springs – LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  members can enroll for a complimentary 2018 Rewards Card which offers discounts and advance booking privileges. Value $99+

Farmstead Golf & Country Club – Show LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey Membership Card to receive discounts on

Green Fees: Save 10%. Good anytime. No less than 25% off all clothing. Value 10%

Meadows Golf Club – Show LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  Membership Card to receive $20 green fees Mon – Fri after 1:00pm Value 10%

Morris County Golf Courses–LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey Membership provides eligibility to purchase a Morris County Club Card regardless of your County Residence. Value $100+

Golf4Her – Show LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  Membership Card for a discount on Merchandise and equipment

Anchor Golf – Show LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  Membership Card for discounts and special program tailored to our members

Jane Egan - President

I have been a member of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association- Northern New Jersey Chapter (formerly EWGA) since 2012 and have been able to take advantage of the many offerings of this association on the local, regional and national level.  

Making lifelong friends, learning new things, socializing, networking for business, competing with others as well as myself, and being part of a team are all positive experiences that I have enjoyed during my tenure with this wonderful organization.  

I am newly retired and now have the time to give back to this organization that has been so good to me.  I have 38 years of experience in successfully operating a large non-profit service organization, the Meadowlands Area YMCA.  I understand what it means and how to provide programs and services to meet the needs of a community. 

I look forward to using my past experience to work with a fine group of volunteers to make our chapter one of the premier women’s golf groups in New Jersey.

Karen Stepsus, Vice President

I’ve been a member of the Northern New Jersey chapter since 2011. And, since joining the LPGA Amateur Golf Association, I have participated in various chapter golf leagues, served as NNJ’s Marketing and Communications Director in the past, and have also had the opportunity to travel for Championship and Cup (match play) LPGA Amateur tournaments. Along the way, I have met so many wonderful women, who share a passion for playing golf, and some of whom I now consider my closest friends. 

I am honored and excited to have the opportunity to serve as your NNJ Vice President to promote and grow the women’s golf game on a local level. I have shared many good times with you, our members…a fantastic group of women. And, I look forward to sharing and providing our membership with great opportunities in 2020, on and off the golf course.  

 We need to get the word out and get women excited about playing this wonderful sport. If you have any ideas, or can volunteer some of your time to help grow our Chapter, I’d love to hear from you.  I’ll look forward to seeing you this year, and look forward to a wonderful year of exciting events, leagues, social and educational opportunities! 




Annette Owens - Director, Events

Mindy Oosten
- Director, Membership 

Janine O'Connor - Director, Golf Leagues and Education

Tammy Case - Director, Finance
My first full year with the LPGA Amateurs was 2018.  I was a new golfer and was looking to  meet other women that loved golf and to find more opportunities to play.  Because of LPGA Amateurs, I’ve played in different leagues, participated in several events am playing more and more golf each year.  I joined the board in 2019 and am serving the second year of my 2 year term as Director of Leagues and Golf Education.  </p><p>Professionally, I am in a leadership position at a large pharmaceutical company where I am responsible for implementing and managing technology platforms.  As I move into my 2<sup>nd</sup> year on the board and I am excited to leverage what I learned last year, along with my professional experience to help grow and expand on what our chapter offers to our members.</p><p>I’m thankful for the experience I have had thus far with LPGA AGA NNJ and look forward to being a part of the future growth of the organization.


Events Volunteers - 9 & 18 hole event

Event Coordinator

Oversees and manages procurement of event venue and activities.  Submits final payment on day of event.  Awards prizes at the end of the event.

On-line Registrar

Uses Excel spreadsheet to record attendees, and other pertinent information for the event.  Keeps Webmaster updated with enrollment.  Keeps Event Coordinator updated and provides a final list of attendees for Event Coordinator and On-Site Reception.  Organizes 4somes and tee times.  Provides copies to Coordinator and golf course.

On-Site Reception (2)

Greets participants and checks off reception sheet.  Gives goody bags. (Provides nametags.)


Provide list of Events & Activities for the upcoming year; membership; et al.


Records summary of event and activities; adds interesting stories.  Submits for web library.

Photographer (2)

Records photo and video of event.  Submits for web library.

Goody Bags (2)

Prepares and delivers goody bags to event.

Ticket Sales (Drawings, 50/50)

Responsible for ticket sales and money collection of tickets.  Turns over proceeds to an Event Coordinator.


League Volunteers

League Coordinator

Oversees and manages league and activities.  Coordinates foursomes. Welcomes all new league players.   Awards prizes at the end of the event. Maintains sign in sheet including alternates. Determining foursomes - attempt to mix up groups each week. Understands local golf rules. Keeps pace of play. Understands How to keep a handicap and the purpose of keeping a handicap. Communicates to all league players on inclement death. May coordinate social events. 


A mentor is an experienced, but not necessarily good golfer who guides a new golfer on pace of play, basic rules and proper etiquette on and off the golf course. Also, a mentor may guide the new member on how to participate in other LPGA Amateurs - Northern New Jersey  events.


If a substitute player is needed in a league and there are none available, a regular league player may bring a non-member ONCE as a guest substitute for that day. The substitute player pays the greens fee like any other substitute player. If a guest plans on substituting more than once, they are required to join LPGA-AGA NNJ  and pay the substitute fee. This can happen at any time during the season.


Since LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Northern New Jersey prepays the golf course in advance of the season, there will be no refunds. It is our policy that we will not provide refunds for missed events or to league members for league play.  Members are provided with a list of potential substitutes. Also, the league coordinator provides the league members with the amount golf cost per week.  If a league participant is unable to play in a given week, it will be up to the league participant to find a substitute and settle the cost of golf between the substitute and the league participant.  In the circumstance where we have a scheduled event that is on the same day as league play, it will be up to the league participant to find a substitute as outlined above.   The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Northern New Jersey chapter will not refund league participants for league play to enable them to participate in another event.


We want our users to be aware of our policy regarding information we collect and how we use it: 

Information collection and use:  We respect each site visitor’s right to personal privacy.   To that end, we collect and use information throughout our website only as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.   This statement applies solely to information collected on this website.  

For each visitor to our website, our web server automatically recognizes no information regarding the domain or email address.  The information we collect is:

• Used to improve the content of our Web page.
• Used to notify visitors about updates to our Web site.
• Never shared with other organizations for commercial purposes.  
A user must provide contact information (such as name, email and address) to register themselves and credit card information to make payments on this site.   If we have trouble processing a credit card transaction, we use the information to contact the user.       

Pictures may be taken at any LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Northern New Jersey event.  These photos could potentially be shown on the web site or in the newsletter.  If  you have any objection to appearing in such public photos, please notify the event coordinator. 


 Call the golf course after 3:30 p.m. (for 9-hole leagues) to inquire whether league play will occur on that day. For 18-hole leagues, speak with your league coordinator to see how they want to handle it. All league cancellations are rescheduled after the regular season ends – a maximum of 2 times. This limit is based on course feedback.


The LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Northern New Jersey Chapter (unlike many other  Chapters) does not currently have a mandatory attendance policy.  Some Chapters require a certain percentage of league days played (including those played by alternates) because it enables the Chapter to improve tee times and secure courses from year to year.

We ask that you provide your league coordinators feedback if you are receiving minimal response when seeking alternates.

Your cooperation with the policy is greatly appreciated!


We are women with a passion for golf who come together for fitness, fun, friendship and professional networking.
We offer programs and events where you can meet and connect with engaging women of all ages, with all levels of golf experience, from a broad spectrum of career paths.

In keeping in the spirit of the mission of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association - Northern New Jersey would like to initiate the following weekend events pairing guidelines:
When registering for an event, please indicate your ONE playing partner in the registration.  Please make sure that your playing partner will be registering for this event so that we can accommodate all requests.  Please take this opportunity to get to know others in the chapter, especially our new members. This will also make setting up the pairings and tee times less complex for the event coordinator.


The safety and well-being of our members and our community are our top priorities. Due to the serious public health emergency created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have decided to suspend all in-person chapter activities and registrations for future events until at least the beginning of April.  We will monitor the evolving situation and continue to provide updates as they become available through our website, Facebook, Instagram and email.

We thank you, our valued members for understanding this shared challenge. Take care of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you once we are able to return to our normal lives.

Please join us in doing our part to mitigate the spread of this virus - #FlattenTheCurve.

2020 Schedule of Events

March 22 - Tee Off - 11am-3pm  - POSTPONED
 The Hanover Manor   16 Eagle Rock Avenue   East Hanover, NJ 07936




Host Facility / City



Feb 4 – Mar 10 (T)

Winter Indoor League




Mar 22 (Su)

Tee Off Brunch

Brooklake CC


Mar 23 (M)

League Registration Opens-

6 am




Apr 17-18 (F/Sa)

Stableford Tournament

Tucson AZ


Apr 18 (Sa)

Get the Rust Off Clinic


Sat 11:30 am-12:30pm

Apr 24 – 26 (F-Su)

Golf School

Shawnee, PA

3 days- Reg deadline March 22

Apr 25 (Sa)

Get the Rust Off Clinic


Sat 11:30 am-12:30pm


May 2 (Sa)

Season Opener

Bowling Green


May 4-10 (M-Su)

League Play begins


15 wks; ends Aug 14 (some exceptions)

May 5 (T)

North Jersey Woman Expo

Mayfair Farms, West Orange


May 9 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Fox Hollow

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

May 22 – 23 (F-Sa)

Scramble Open

Pinehurst, NC


May 23 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Farmstead GC

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

May 25- 31 (M-Su)

LPGA Shop Rite Classic

Seaview GC, NJ


May 30 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Royce Brook West (private course)

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8


Jun 2 (T)

Women’s Golf Day



Jun 6 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Panther Valley

(private course?)

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Jun 14 (Su)

Play for Pink Tournament

Wild Turkey


Jun 16 (Tu)

NJSGA- Women’s Four Ball

Spring Brook CC, Morristown


Jun 15-21 (M-Su)


Winged Foot GC, Mamaroneck, NY


Jun 20 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Neshanic Championship Course

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Jun 27-28 (Sa-Su)

Atlantic Cup Qualifier

Myrtle Beach, SC


Jun 28 (Su)

Weekend Travel League


8-10 dates; ends Aug 8


Jul 5 (Su)

Weekend Travel League

Wild Tukey GC

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Jul 11 – 12 (Sa-Su)

Northeast Cup Qualifier

Hamburg, NJ


Jul 18 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Royce Brook East

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Jul 31 – Aug 1 (F-Sa)

Cup Finals

Lake Geneva, WI



Aug 1 (Sa)

Call for Elections/Nomination committee solicitations



Aug 1 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Rock Spring

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Aug 12 (W)

NJSGA- Women’s Public Links Championship

Ash Brook GC, Scotch Plains


??Aug 15 (Sa)

Weekend Travel League

Berkshire Valley

8-10 dates; ends Aug 8

Aug 15 (Sa)

Interchapter Play: NNJ/Westchester

Black Bear GC


Aug 22 (Sa)

Interchapter Play: NNJ/CNJ



Aug 29 (Sa)

Northeast Sectional Championship Qualifier

Williamstown, MA


Aug 31-Sep 4 (M-F)

Myrtle Beach World Amateur Tournament

Myrtle Beach, SC



Aug 31-Sep 4 (M-F)

Myrtle Beach World Amateur Tournament

Myrtle Beach, SC


Sep 26 (Sa)

Season Closer & Volunteer Outing

Farmstead GC








Nov 6 - 7

Championship Finals

San Antonio, TX


2019 Schedule of Events

May 2nd: Free Handicap & Rules Seminar (6PM - 8PM) - PGA Superstore - PHOTOS
May 4th: 
Season Opener – Knoll Golf Club West - PHOTOS

June 3rd: Play for Pink – Basking Ridge Country Club

June 23rd: 9 and Dine – Cascades at Crystal Springs (CANCELLED)

July 13th: Chapter Championship – Farmstead Golf Club

July 30th: 9 and Dine – Skyway Golf
August 10th: Inter-chapter Event with Westchester–Ballyowen

August 17th: Inter-chapter Event with Central Jersey – Wild Turkey at Crystal Springs

August 24th: Inter-chapter event with NYC Invitational - Griffith Golf Course (Greenwich CT)  Cancelled

September 28th:
Volunteer Outing - Farmstead Golf

October 19th: Season Closer – Wild Turkey at Crystal Springs 12:30pmRegister

December 5th: Holiday Party –Hanover Manor 6-10pm

For these details regarding these events, and any other information regarding event planning, please contact Stefanie Thornton at or (973) 714-6210.

2019 Rules Update Opportunities for LPGA Amateurs Members

May 16, 2019 : 4- 5:30PM - New Jersey State Golf Association Rules Seminar
This Women’s Only Event will be conducted by Carol Graybeal and Lisa Lifer of the
NJSGA's Board of Trustees.

Galloping Hills Golf Club
Kenilworth, NJ
Free registration required. 

LPGA Amateur Golf Association - On line recorded Webinar – Lisa Lifer

April 2019 Rules Presentation


Welcome to Leagues


The safety and well-being of our members and our community are our top priorities. Due to the serious public health emergency created by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we have decided to suspend all in-person chapter activities and registrations for future events until at least the beginning of April.  We will monitor the evolving situation and continue to provide updates as they become available through our website, Facebook, Instagram and email.

We thank you, our valued members for understanding this shared challenge. Take care of yourself, your family, and your loved ones. We look forward to seeing you once we are able to return to our normal lives.

Please join us in doing our part to mitigate the spread of this virus - #FlattenTheCurve.


****** Some information is still being finalized ******

The league season runs from early May to mid August with a League Championship in September.

Leagues are 12-15 weeks long depending on the course.  Leagues are designed to appeal to all skill levels.  League fees vary depending on the course you choose and directly reflect the course's greens fees and league administration fees. 

Substitute Registration
All leagues have substitute lists available.  You can register to be a sub by clicking the link below and selecting as many leagues as you want.  See the "Unable to Play" section below for information about subs.  


Note: LPGA Amateurs NNJ Membership must be current throughout league sessions!  Want more information?  Email Janine O'Connor, our League Chairperson at Leagues.

League Day



Registration Fee

Registration Links

9 Hole Leagues

Various Days

Crystal Springs

5:00 PM
15 weeks
Lorraine Hara

(league fee only, pay course weekly)
Fee varies depending on course



Pinch Brook
Florham Park

4:50 PM
15 weeks
Peggy Dugan

Weekly rate: $22



Deer Run
Lincoln Park General/Intermediate

5:00 PM
15 weeks
JoAnn Dixon/Jane Barone

Weekly rate: $15



Lincoln Park

5:00 PM
15 weeks
Val Peluso

Weekly rate: $20



River Vale Golf Club
River Vale

4:20 PM
15 weeks
Linda Pleyer

Weekly rate: $35 (carts included)

Galloping Hill
5:00 PM
13 weeks
Ann Mackey
Weekly rate: $41 (carts included)


Paramus Golf Club

5:00 PM
15 weeks
Stacey Belhumer

Weekly rate: $28



Pinch Brook
Florham Park

4:50 PM
15 weeks
Phyllis Kaplan/Peggy Volker

Weekly rate: $22



East Orange
Short Hills

5:00 PM
15 weeks

$30 (league fee only, pay $22 weekly)



Flanders Valley
Flanders General/Intermediate

5:00 PM
15 weeks
Susan Olinger

Weekly rate: $22 (carts included for Gold course)



Paramus Golf Club

4:30 PM
15 weeks
Alayne Pick/Barbara Koch

Weekly rate: $28



**Lower Knoll (East)

5:00 PM
15 weeks
Kathy O'Neill/Nancy Sues

$30 (league fee only, pay $25 weekly, see below for discounted rates)



Paramus Golf Club

4:20 PM
15 weeks
Jackie Augustine

Weekly rate: $28



Carts are NOT included in the prices, except for Flanders Valley Gold course, River Vale and Galloping Hill
Registration fee includes the $30 administration fee
Leagues start the week of May 4
** Lower Knoll is offering a membership ($150 for the year for non-Parsippany residents (reduces weekly rate to $20), $50 for residents (reduces weekly rate to $17)


This year we are excited to announce a change in the format of the traditional 18 hole Saturday league.

  • We are now also offering some courses on Sundays
  • You will first register and pay $30 for the overall league (same as previous years)
  • You will then register and pay separately for each date that you want to play
  • Registration websites will be available when league registration opens on March 23rd

This allows for flexibility and opportunity to pay as you go and have access to courses you might not play otherwise, without having to pay for all courses up front.
See below for schedule.

League Day



Registration Fee


18 Hole Leagues


Paramus Golf Club

1:30 PM
12 weeks
Carmela Walls

Weekly rate: $38

Wednesday Session 1

Various Courses

View Schedule & Rates
8 weeks
Janet Solberg

$455 with a Morris County card


Wednesday Session 2

Various Courses

View Schedule & Rates
8 weeks
Janet Solberg

Full Price (Cart included) $443 

Discounts available on registration page



Preakness Valley

15 Weeks
Fern Chan

$30 (league fee only, pay weekly)
Resident - $32
Senior - $24
Non-Resident - $37



Various Courses

10 weeks
Madlyn Granieri

$30 (league fee only, register below and pay weekly)               
 Subject to change  
Saturday - May 9
Fox Hollow  10:00 AM  $65  
Saturday - May 23
Farmstead Golf & Country Club  10:00 AM  $66  
Saturday - May 30
Royce Brook - West
Members Only Course
 10:00 AM  $70  
Saturday - June 6 Panther Valley  12:00 PM  $121  
Saturday - June 20 Neshanic
Championship Course
 11:00 AM  $80  
Sunday - June 28 Ballyowen Golf Club  12:00 PM  TBD  
Sunday - July 5 Wild Turkey Golf Club  12:00 PM  TBD  
Saturday - July 18 Royce Brook - East  10:00 AM  $88  
Saturday - August 1
Rock Spring Country Club  TBD  TBD  
Saturday - August 15 Berkshire Valley Golf Course  10:00 AM  $80  

Carts are included in the prices
Registration fee includes the $30 administration fee
Leagues start the week of May4


All leagues are exclusive to members of the LPGA Amateurs NNJ Chapter. A member must be in good standing with annual membership paid in full.

League Fee:  There is a $30 administration fee for each league you join. There is NO discount if you join multiple leagues. The $30 fee supports league administration expenses.

Greens Fees:  All leagues require payment in full at registration. LPGA Amateurs NNJ pays in advance for all tee times and maintains an extensive list of substitutes. 

Refunds: Please review the refund policy

It is the responsibility of the registered player to “sell” her place on the league roster if she is unable to fulfill her league commitment. The league committee may provide some assistance in that effort; however, there is no guarantee that a replacement player may be identified. Situations will be handled on an individual basis.

Unable to Play: League members are responsible to arrange in advance for a substitute.  Members should:

  • Attempt to rotate substitute play among different golfers listed for the league, in order to allow all to have access to play 
  • Call or email people on the substitute list for your league
  • Call or email someone on the substitute list from another night, keeping league level in mind
  • Contact your coordinator or another league member if you are unable to find a substitute or are going to be late
  • Contact your league coordinator in advance of play to notify her that you will not be playing, and who will be your substitute for that day
  • Make arrangements for the substitute to reimburse you directly

Late Arrival:  Late arrivals vary by course but they will try to accommodate late arrivals within reason.

Handicap Maintenance:  All LPGA Amateurs NNJ members receive a handicap service enrollment included with their membership dues and are encouraged to maintain a handicap using Post a Score on  

Inclement Weather Policy: Review our policy 

Guest Policy: If a substitute player is needed in a league and there are none available, a regular league player may bring a non-member ONCE as a guest substitute for that day.  The substitute player pays the greens fee like any other substitute player.  If a guest plans on substituting more than once, they are required to join LPGA Amateurs NNJ and pay the substitute fee.  This can happen at any time during the season.

Schedule:  Leagues do not play on Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day. Leagues make up that date on what would be the week after the scheduled end date. If a particular league would be scheduled to end on August 19, the new end date would be on August 26.

Code of Conduct:  All league players are expected to conduct themselves appropriately on the golf course.  Players are expected to follow all local rules and rules of behavior, including Dress Code. LPGA Amateurs NNJ reserves the right to terminate a player’s participation in the league if found not to be in compliance with the rules. If a player is terminated, her league fee is not refundable.

Pace of Play:  LPGA Amateurs NNJ supports Ready Golf and Maintain Your Position.  

LPGA Amateurs NNJ endorses the Double Par Policy.  If you have a handicap, your score will be your ESC handicap maximum amount of strokes.  If you are establishing a handicap, your score is a maximum of 10.

You are considered out of position when you reach the tee of a:

  • Par 3 and the group in front of you has already gone on to the next tee.
  • Par 4 and the group in front of you is already on the green.
  • Par 5 and the group in front of you is getting ready to hit onto the green.

Most leagues are designed so that, throughout the season, individuals will play with all the other members of their league. Playing golf with various individuals, much like playing a new golf course, offers different challenges and opportunities.

Your coordinator determines the format to be played each week. Your participation in the various games/competitions is part of the structure designed to help you enjoy the sport and social aspects of the league. Remember that your coordinator works hard to bring enjoyment and skill improvement to your league.

LPGA Amateurs NNJ chapters operate with the goal to provide an opportunity for women to play golf in a supportive environment.  If you have any concerns or questions, speak with your league coordinator or e-mail Janine O'Connor, Leagues Chair at Leagues.


Virtual Workshops and Clinics

The Mental Game of Golf Virtual Workshop

Wednesdays 6-7:30 pm EDT

3 weeks - March 25, April 1 & 8


Do you want lower GOLF SCORES? How would you like to be CONFIDENT, FOCUSED, COMPOSED and filled with BELIEF throughout your round of golf?

$150 for all 3 sessions

Register Now!

Stay SAFE and stay HEALTHY - IMPROVE YOUR GOLF from your home!
During this unprecedented time in our history it is vital that we remain positive and safe, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to grow and learn! Join LPGA Professional Debbie O’Connell for a 5-Week Live Virtual Golf Clinic starting April 2nd

Every Thursday from 6PM – 7PM EDT

APR 2, APR 9, APR 16, APR 23, APR 30

$47 for ALL 5 WEEKS!

Learn how to effectively practice at home to improve your golf game, and take your game to a whole new level! This comprehensive virtual series will cover all the fundamental aspects of golf and provide you with with vital tips on the mental game of golf.

  • Make more putts
  • Chip more consistently
  • Increase your confidence
  • Lower your golf scores
  • Have more fun while playing
  • Mental game of golf
Register Now!

LPGA Amateurs Member Benefits


Webinars are complimentary for LPGA Amateurs members only. A variety of webinars have been planned to help LPGA Amateurs members remain connected while taking advantage of this downtime. Additional webinars will be added to the schedule and if there are other specific topics that you are interested in, please send a note to

Abundance Mindset - Monday, March 30 @ 7:00pm EDT- hosted by Debbie O'Connell,  LPGA Professional and Owner at Golf Positive  Click here to register.

How would you like to shift your mindset to one of abundance in all areas of your life and know that you have enough time, energy, resources, skills and money in just a one hour webinar?

This webinar will elicit a massive transformation in your thinking and beliefs which will enhance all areas of your life.

Rules 101 -  Saturday, March 28 @ 12:00pm EDT.- Hosted by Karla Harding and Jeanne Biggerstaff  Register Here

World Handicap System - Saturday, April 18 @ 12:00pm EDT - Hosted by Jeanne Biggerstaff   Register Here

Rules - Competitive and Partner Events - Wednesday, May 6 @ 7:00pm EDT  - Hosted by Karla Harding and Jeanne Biggerstaff  Register Here

Member OrientationWednesday, April 8 @ 7:00pm EDT - Hosted by LPGA Amateurs Staff Register Here

Women's Health: The Fibroid Foundation Tuesday, April 28 @ 7:00pm EDT   - Presented by avid golfer and Founder & CEO of the Fibroid Foundation, Sateria Venable Register Here

Get the Rust Off Clinics *** Possible Postponement - See Notice on Homepage***
April 18th and 25th
Are you ready for a Spring Tune-Up? Would you like a few pointers to brush up that "rusty" swing? These mini-clinics will start an emphasis on fundamentals and then (participant) driven move to chipping, pitching, and improving your game from the tee to around the greens. Two sessions, on 4/18 and 4/25. Attend one or both sessions.

11:30AM - 12:30PM
$45 for 1, $90 for both
Register Now!

The Resorts at Crystal Springs

The Resorts at Crystal Springs offers all the amenities of a world-class resort highlighted by first-rate hotel properties, 7 award-winning golf courses, 2 luxurious spas, a state-of-the-art sports club complex, skiing and snowboarding, a wide array of dining choices highlighted by Restaurant Latour and its 50,000+-bottle wine cellar.

LPGA AGA-NNJ members may receive a FREE complimentary 2018 Crystal Springs Reward Card which entitles you to discounts on greens fees and allows you to book tee times in advance. To receive your rewards card, download the Rewards Membership Application and either email it, or mail it to the address on the application. You must pick up your membership card in person at the Crystal Springs Clubhouse and show proof of current LPGA AGA-NNJ membership. Allow two weeks for card processing.

Please note: Membership does not include free rounds of golf and will expire at the end of the 2017 golf season. When booking a tee time, you must mention that you are an LPGA AGA-NNJ member. Card must be presented at check-in. A credit card is required at time of booking to guarantee your tee time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Crystal Springs courses.


2019 Rewards Membership

2019 Rewards Membership Includes:

  • Preferred Member Pricing 7 days a week
  • Preferred Pricing on Flex 8, Sampler Packs & Driving Range Memberships
  • Enhanced! 2019 Loyalty Program Earn Dollars To Redeem For Discounts On Golf! 
  • Complimentary Golf Concierge Service
  • Just $20 after 4pm Monday – Thursday at Black Bear, Cascades, Crystal Springs & Minerals!
  • 15% Off Merchandise At All Resort Pro Shops – Not valid for Gift Card Purchases
  • 10% Off Non-Holiday Hotel Stays At Minerals, Grand Cascades Lodge & Mountain Creek Resort 
    • Cannot be combined with other offers/discounts; not valid for packages; black out dates apply.
  • 10% Discount Mon-Thu At Elements Spa & Reflections Spa 
    • On Massages, Facials & Body Treatments Only; Must Show Member Card; Not Valid For Gift Cards 
  • Enhanced! 21-Day BEST DEAL Advance Booking Privileges On All 6 Courses
  • Tournaments- 
    • Compete for your chance to win a 7 Star membership at our Rewards Series Championship 
  • Events & E-mail Promotions For Members Only

- See more at:




The LPGA-AGA Northern New Jersey Board of Directors sincerely appreciates what our sponsors do for our association.  The following is our 2018 Sponsor Program information. It continues to offer a variety of advertising, meeting registration opportunities to host events and our digital and social media marketing platform. We look forward to your being one of our valued sponsors as we enter a newly expanded market. If you have not participated yet, we hope you will consider joining in 2018, thus becoming a valued partner in our growing chapter!

What Your Company Can Expect from LPGA- Amateur Golf Association – Northern NJ

  • LPGA-AGA is a direct link to an influential and loyal audience of women with strong purchasing power, both personally and professionally.
  • This is an opportunity to actively establish your company's outreach to women.
  • LPGA-AGAis a relationship building tool to reach the primary household influencer
  • An opportunity to develop a loyal women's consumer base 
  • The ability to leverage information about your products/services/experiences

LPGA-AGA Members Are:

  • In their prime earning years
  • 50% are married, 32% single and 18% either widowed or divorced
  • More than 80% employed full time
  • 44% earn in excess of $80K; 45% have HHI > $100K
  • Affluent & well educated (over 84% have college degrees; of these 44% have graduate degrees)
  • 44% are either business owners, senior managers, executives, professional/technicians
  • 10% own their own businesses
  • Avid Golfers (74% play 25+ rounds per year)


LPGA-AGA is dedicated to inclusivity as well as diversity in its membership as we seek to provide timely, valued benefits and services to LPGA-AGAour members while promoting the growth of women's golf. The LPGA-AGAalso serves as an advocate for positive change on issues of importance to women golfers.

The LPGA-AGAGolf Course Network provides one of the most valued benefits of LPGA-AGAmembership: Reduced fees for play, practice or instruction for all members of theLPGA-AGA, regardless of Chapter affiliation with courses and retail stores within our network.


Sponsorship Levels & Benefits

LPGA-AGA-NNJ2018 sponsor partners receive a variety of media exposure for their support, as they are featured in our regional advertising and press releases, digital & social media announcing their company’s sponsorship, at our golfing and social events held at a variety of courses for the entire year! These opportunities give you valued exposure to your customers and broaden your reach to prospective customers. Our sponsors are featured on our website year round!







Leader Board




The Open


Ad in event program






Logo placement on backdrop banners and press photo






Tee sign at all golf events






Name and logo placement on all printed event materials






Promotional materials at Chapter events






NNJ Special events






Participation in Annual Tee Off Brunch






Golf for one at one event






Name and logo on all events printed materials.






Golf for two at one event






Company Logo with link to your website on our Chapter site.






Your tip of the month in our monthly newsletter






Corporate logoed banner at chapter special events






Participation in golf outings at member rates for two.






Please contact us for more information



Jane Egan


Karen Stepsus


Mindy Oosten


Janine O’Connor

Golf Programs & Education

Annette Owens


Tammy Case

Finance & Records

Traci Sachs

Chapter Communications

 Sue Stager  Handicap

Northern New Jersey
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