Focus on Rules
A common rule which is misunderstood deals with red stakes. Lateral Hazard (red stakes/lines): there are 5 options.
a) Play the ball as it lies, no penalty.
b) 1 stroke and distance. Replay a ball 1 club length to where it was last hit.
c) 1 stroke and drop a ball within 2 club lengths of where the ball last crossed the margin of the hazard, no closer to the hole.
d) 1 stroke and drop a ball as far back as desired on a line between where the ball lies and the hole.
e) 1 stroke and drop a ball within 2 club lengths on a point on the opposite margin of the lateral hazard equidistant from the hole.

World Handicap System

The maximum score you can post on any hole is a NET DOUBLE BOGEY. In other words, the maximum score for each hole is Double Bogey + any Handicap Strokes applied on that hole based on your Course Handicap.
If you use the hole by hole posting option, the system will automatically calculate and make the adjustment for you based on the tees you selected. This is the recommended method for posting all scores.

See the Handicap section for more info.  

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