About Us

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association exists to connect women to learn, play, and enjoy golf for business and fun.  Since its inception in 1991, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association (formerly known as Executive Women’s Golf Association – EWGA) has served as a portal to golf and touched the lives of thousands of women of all skill levels. LPGA Amateur Golf Association has Chapters throughout the United States and Internationally.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Mazovia Poland Chapter was established in 2021 and the membership reflects a cross-section of individuals from across the globe, such as the USA, and Europe. Connecting women to learn, play, and enjoy golf for business and fun. Enriching the lives of women through the game of golf, LPGA Amateurs – Mazovia, Poland,  is your best place to get involved, get connected, and have fun playing the game of golf.

Our Chapter offers many golf opportunities for women who want to play golf.

Our Leadership team comprises a diverse group of energetic leaders and amazing supporting member volunteers. For any members/volunteers interested in helping with Chapter operations or events, we will always have an opportunity for you to help enrich women’s lives through the game of golf.

Everyone is welcome, including those who want to learn how to golf, those who enjoy playing casual golf, and the more experienced (perhaps more competitive) players! 

Guests considering membership in our Chapter are welcome to participate in two events before joining! Sign up now to join our golden information source here

Learn more about the LPGA Amateur Golf Association by visiting the Headquarters website at http://lpgaamateurs.com/.