Chapter Documents

Hole-in-One Pot Regulations

Active Members only and rounds sanctioned through LPGA AGA ABQ Chapter.

After a Mulligan – Let’s say you’re playing a par 3, shank one into the water, drop a sneaky mulligan down with the consent of you playing partners, and knock it in the hole.  A fun story, no doubt, but it doesn’t count as a hole-in-one.  Proper holes-in-one need to have a legitimate USGA-abiding score attached to them.

After a Penalty Shot -Similar to the one above, the only difference is that, technically speaking you do register a score that would hold muster with the USGA.  The only problem is that if you knock one in the water, re-tee then knock it into the hole, it can’t be a hole-in-one because it’s literally not a hole-in-one.  It’s a hole-in-three.  Just another par, in the black and white scorecard.

On a Par-3 Executive Course – Yes technically you are playing an actual course and registering a legitimate score.  True holes-in-one are registered on golf courses where par 3s are few and far between.

When You’re Not Keeping Score – legitimate round and signed golf scorecard with witness.