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Carol Enders- President

Carol has grown up in the Camp Hill area all her life.  Golf didn’t come into her life until her boys were in high school.  Carol was a competitive swimmer since the age of 8.   She enjoys the competition of golf whether playing with LPGA Amateur (leagues, match play, and scramble), Harrisburg District Women Golf, and Women’s York County Area Golf Association.  Carol enjoys playing golf at Royal Manchester, and Myrtle Beach, which is her 2nd home.  When not golfing, her free time is spent with her grandchildren.

Christine Corrigan- Golf and Events Director

Christine Corrigan has been a member of the Central PA Chapter since 2007.  She is a wife, mother, and business owner.  If it weren’t for her husband, she probably would never have learned the game, a decision he may regret, but she is grateful for.  Christine has met many wonderful ladies and gone on many exciting golf trips thanks to her participation in the Chapter.  Christine is appreciative of all the ladies who have been on the board before her, giving of their time and talents for the benefit of us all. 

Amy Braun- Finance & Records Director
I will be starting my third year with the chapter and have really enjoyed getting to know the other members.  I joined to play on Monday nights but hope to play a lot more when I retire from banking.  I am married with a grown son and twin Goldendoodles.  When I am not working or golfing I enjoy singing, trivia, photography, scrapbooking and skiing.

Zoe Loftus- Member Director
Zoe Loftus has been a member of the Central PA Chapter since the chapter began.  She has two daughters who are LPGA Amateur members and was the Site Director for Harrisburg LPGA Girls Golf for 11 years.  She plays at Dauphin Highlands regularly and enjoys playing in the Match Cup and other LPGA amateur events.  She is looking forward to the exciting opportunities that LPGA amateurs has is store for our chapter.  Please contact her if you have any membership questions.  

Chris Maffey- Marketing Director/Communications

Chris became a member of LPGA Amateurs in 2011 and from 2013-2015 she was recruitment director.  The bonds of friendship and comradery she has developed in the last 9 years at LPGA amateurs have meant more to Chris, than her love of golf.  She has been coaching swim teams and teaching private swim lessons for 20 years.  When she is not coaching or golfing, she is visiting her 3 adult children.  Chris appreciates every member of LPGA Amateurs, and hopes all members will bring a friend to join us this year.