Chapter Policies


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2024 Tournament Eligibility Guidelines

Click HERE for more information on the Chapter's tournament eligibility guidelines. 

2024 Captain Guidelines

Thank you for volunteering to be a Captain for the Day! Come up with a fun and festive theme for the day - course location, seasonal weather, holidays, or current events are great starting points for inspiration. Or, just have a fun play day. We will be awarding $100 in prizes per event, in the form of gift cards from Roger Dunn. At least one of the prizes should be for something non-golf related (random draw, best dressed, etc). Cash buy-ins work well for simple and fun games ($2 - $5 per player is advisable), ie. chip-ins and low putts. Be sure to check with the Events Director when organizing your game formats and prizes to verify feasibility. There’s lots of room for creativity - just keep in mind that the field will consist of a variety of experience and skill levels, and we want EVERYONE to have fun!

ONE to TWO MONTHS BEFORE EVENT (or when asked)

  • Share your theme and/or game(s) of the day, any on-course contests (closest-to-the-pin, longest drive, etc) and prizes with the Events Director to verify feasibility.
  • Events Director will set up the event in Golf Genius and publish registration information in the TTT.


Check with the Events Director regularly for player count. The Chapter/Events Director has to confirm/pay for tee times 10-14 days in advance of the event. You’ll need a headcount if you plan to prepare anything for each player, ie. goodie bags, handouts, etc.


  • If your event requires specific player information (e.g. course handicaps), confirm with the Events Director/Handicap Chair that the information is all set. If needed, the Events Director will print scorecards.
  • Let Janice Okanishi, Marketing Director, know what you need for Roger Dunn gift cards (all cards are $10 denominations). Janice will bring gift cards to the event for Captains to distribute; if she’s not playing, she will distribute via USMail.
  • Be sure you have complete coverage for the check-in table. Co-Captains can split the duties, one going out first and the other last; or they can go in the same group as long as check-in is covered. Work with the Events Director to schedule your tee times accordingly.


  • Arrive at least one hour before the first tee time and have the check-in table ready to go. 
  • Have 2 printed copies of the pairings/tee times sheet - one for the Golf Shop, one to check in players 
  • Check with Golf Shop staff for table/chairs, any range receipts/chits and/or cart keys needed (Events Director will have pre-arranged this with the Tournament Director).
  • If doing a cash buy-in, have envelopes to collect cash for the game(s). Be prepared with small bills to make change (many courses will not make change for larger bills).
  • Get proximity markers (closest-to-pin, longest/straightest drive) from Golf Shop. First group out will place the markers. Final group should include at least one rider, as they will collect any on-course items and bring them in.
  • If doing an event with official scorecards, collect them at the end of the round and do all scoring. Players are responsible for hole-by-hole scores. Captains are responsible for player’s totals and final decision re: winners and prize distribution. If Janice is not in attendance, notify her with winners and prize distributions. Each player should post their own score unless specified otherwise by the Captain/Tournament Committee.
  • Provide written recap and photos of winners to be published in Chapter’s TTT. Submit to the Events Director via email by 12:00pm Sunday (or Monday for a Sunday event) immediately following the event. If you have any questions or would like a bit of help, contact our Events Director. We’re ready to help guide you to a successful and fun golf outing



Please consider events to be a "go" unless specifically cancelled via email. In the event of rain, registered players will be notified by email the night before and day of. Updates will also be posted on the Chapter's Facebook page. Golf courses hold us to our contract unless the golf course closes and, as you know golf courses in Southern California rarely close due to rain.

We do understand that life sometimes gets in the way of golf.  
  • If you cancel more than ten (10) days prior to the event, a refund will be provided, minus a handling fee of $5. 
  • If you cancel ten (10) days or less prior to the event, there will be no refund as by this time, we are contractually committed to the golf course and would have made full payment.
  • If you cancel less than 10 days prior to the event and we are able to move someone from the waitlist into your spot, a refund will be provided, minus a handling fee of $5.
Waitlisted players will have priority when filling spots. If there is no waitlist, you may look for a replacement player and if you do find one, they must register and pay via Golf Genius, and be confirmed for the event before any refund will be made to you.

The local championship qualifier, national events, weekend getaways, and other special events may be subject to other refund policies, and will be specified within the event notification.



Can I request to be paired with with somebody?

You can . . . but why not leave your choice of playing partners up to the Pairing Fairy? One of the benefits of belonging to our Chapter is the chance to meet other golfers. Playing with other women can actually help your game. You might pick up some useful tips by watching how other golfers approach course management. And you could be that person who makes newcomers feel welcome from the start. Doing so will make a huge difference in helping new members assimilate into the group, insuring they will keep coming to our events.

So yes, you can make a pairing request, and we will try to accommodate you. But why not put your fate in the hands of our Pairing Fairy? You might just meet your new best friend!

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