Event Host Sign-Up Available On-line

We are looking for volunteers to serve as an event host at our events.  Click on the link above that will take you to SignUpGenius, an online app to register as an Event Host.  It will have our schedule and the available spots to host.  The cost for each event is listed only for decision making purposes.  You will not pay via SignUpGenius.  You will still need to register and pay through Golf Genius.  The time that is listed is the show-time for the Event Host.  It is not the start time of the event.

No Event Host -- NO GOLF:

If there is no Event Host signed up for an event two (2) weeks prior to the event, we will have to cancel the event.  We need volunteers to help.  Remember, our events are pre-pay, so players do not have to check in at the pro shop and pay.  The Event Host checks in players, and coordinates with the pro shop. 

Requirements of the Event Host:

Event Hosts will assume control of the event once the pairings have been published.  If players cancel or no-show, the Event Host will communicate with the pro shop and adjust the pairings as needed.

Event Hosts need to be at the golf course 45 minutes before the first tee time and will go out in the last pairing.   They will be able to request the players in their foursome.  

Event Hosts will be invited to register early for their event and they will be allowed to request up to three others to be allowed to register early.

Upon completion of the event, the Event Host will close the loop with the golf shop and request a copy of the paid invoice (unless it has already been provided to the events chair).  The Event Host will email the a copy of the paid invoice, and a final roster report to the events chair containing the name of all golfers who participated in the event.  

Please note that Golf Genius (registration/pay for events to play) and SignUpGenius (sign up to host an event), have similar names, but are two different systems.

If you have questions about SignUpGenius, please contact our Event Manager at:  Sandhills Event Manager.  Our Chapter needs volunteers to have a successful season.  Thank you in advance for your help!

If you have a talent or interest you'd like to share, we'd love to talk with you!  Contact us at infolpgaamateurssandhills@gmail.com for more details about opportunities to make the game of golf better for those who follow.  


We're happy to announce a new annual 'Member of the Year' award to recognize chapter members that go above and beyond playing, competing, volunteering, and enjoying this game of golf that we all love! All chapter members are eligible for the award and our Membership Committee Chair will track the points based on the criterial listed below. Please direct any questions to the email shown below
Member of the Year
April - October
CriteriaDescriptionPoint Value

Attendance at Sandhills Events

Volunteer for EventsAssist at Sandhills events; host, etc.3
Sponsor Guest at EventsInvite guests who have never played with LPGA Sandhills and eligible for membership2
Member ReferralRefer a new member to Sandhills 5
Golf Accomplishment*Compete in CGA or LPGA event (non-chapter); Compete in non-CGA or LPGA event, i.e. charity scramble; Volunteer at LPGA or PGA event; run or host golf tourney, etc. Casual non-competitive events do not qualify. Refer any questions for clarification to the email below.2
*Email details (who, what, when, where) to infolpgaamateurssandhills@gmail.com with Subject: MofY Golf Accomplishment

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