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Feb 12, 2019, 13:03 PM
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April 7 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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April 28 - Local Championship Qualifier
Santa Barbara Golf Club

(formerly known as the Chapter Championship)

Registration is OPEN through April 11. 

Detailed information on this event, plus the links to register and pay are on the Events Page.

May 3 - May 5 - 13th Annual Cal Cup
Registration closed

Let's bring the cup home!

More information on the Events Page 

May 5 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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More Events
The LPGA Amateurs Santa Barbara Chapter welcomes volunteers to serve on the board, work with board members, plan, manage and volunteer at events and assist tournament directors on competition and event days.

We will post volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Please check here for notices or contact Sharon Sweeney.
Marty Poole, President
Communications Director, Marty Luikart
Media Relations, Keri Dickerson
Finance & Records Director, Kitty SooHoo
Membership Recruitment Director, Bonnie Crouse
Membership Services Directors, Elaine Stevenson
Golf Education Director, Marilyn Freeman
Golf Events Director, Sharon Sweeney
SB Parks& Rec Golf Advisory Committee, Liaison, Jo Payne
Handicap, Marilyn Freeman
The LPGA Amateurs Santa Barbara Chapter welcomes volunteers to serve on the board, work with board members, plan, manage and volunteer at events and assist tournament directors on competition and event days.

We will post volunteer opportunities throughout the year.  Please check here for notices or contact Sharon Sweeney.
23rd Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Tournament
Monday, October 28, 2019
This is a great tournament and event to get involved in. Stay tuned for more information and how to make a difference by volunteering.
Communications - All You Need To Know
You will find everything you need to know about the Santa Barbara Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association in our weekly email communication, along with our website. Learn about upcoming events and sign up using the hyperlinks. Questions? Email our Members Service Director, Elaine Stevenson, to learn all about being a member and the benefits visit Member Benefits.

Join our Facebook page for last minute or first look info on events. Follow us!

Tournament or Event Cancellation and Refund Policy

Registration cancellations must be entered through the website prior to the designated cancellation deadline.
For each payment transaction submitted, your local club incurs a processing fee.  If a member cancels, the processing fee must still be paid by the club.  Due to the realities of paying on line, we have reconsidered how LPGA Amateurs Santa Barbara Chapter will refund registration fees.
For events held at the Santa Barbara Golf Club, the registration fee will be credited for use in future monthly outing.  If a Member feels entitled to a refund, please submit your request to the Event Director (Sharon Sweeney).  If a payment is deemed refundable, it will be processed by ELPGA Amateurs Santa Barbara Chapter.
For events held away from the Santa Barbara Golf Club, a processing fee of $7 will be deducted from the refund when a player cancels.  There are two exceptions.  First, when an event is cancelled by the Event Coordinator a full refund will be provided.  Second, when LPGA Amateurs has paid or must pay greens fees to a host golf course and is unable to get a refund from the course, no refund can be provided.   Members are encouraged to find a substitute and the registration fee will transfer to the substitute player.
April 7 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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April 28 - Local Championship Qualifier
Santa Barbara Golf Club

LPGA Amateurs have renamed the competition called Chapter Championship to “Local Championship Qualifier (LCQ)”.  So don’t be surprised by the new name.   

Our LCQ is scheduled for Sunday April 28 starting at 8am at the Santa Barbara Golf Club.  Those who have competed in prior years know that this is a flighted competition open to all Chapter members.  There are 5 stroke play flights based on a player’s index, plus one Scramble flight. 

Handicap Index      Flight 
10.0 and under  Championship
10.1 to 17.0       First Flight
17.1 to 24.0       Second Flight
24.1 to 32.0       Third Flight
32.1 to 40.4       Fourth Flight

We will be using 3 Tee Boxes this year, based on Handicap Index

Flight                          Yardage    Slope   Tee Box
Championship Flight   5524 yards   127     Red/White (White Tees on #2,3,7,10,12,13)
1st and 2nd Flights     5153 yards   122     Red–Modified (Green Tees on #5,16,17)
3rd and 4th Flights     4870 yards    118    Red/Green Tees

Scramble team players will tee off from the appropriate tee box based on the individual player’s index.  The Scramble team handicap will be determined using the Ambrose method

The cost to compete is
Golf and Awards Lunch:         $70
Golf, Cart and Awards Lunch:  $84

After our golf rounds, we will meet in the dining room at Mulligans for Lunch and Trophies. The top Low Gross and Low Net Stroke players in each flight, plus the top two Scramble teams will advance to the regional competition. 

To play in the LCQ, there are two steps required: 
1.  Players must Register on the LPGA Amateur site
2.  Players must pay our local Chapter site

Register for GOLF, Click here
(Follow the directions on this website)

To Pay for Golf, Cart and Lunch, Click here
(Just login and pay as you usually would.)

This is a GREAT year to play because it is an all California Championship.  The Sectional Championship Qualifier (SCQ), formerly called the District Semi-Finals, will be held on June 15 at the Sycuan Resort in El Cajon, CA.  The Championship Finals will be held Oct 11-12 at the Westin Mission Hills Golf Resort in Rancho Mirage, CA.   

Another reason this is a GREAT year to compete is that the LPGA Amateurs HQ staff are not charging the $50 admin fee.  So registration costs for the LCQ is less than in past years.

If you have ANY questions, please ask Marilyn Freeman, our LCQ Director. You can email her

We are looking forward to a GREAT Championship tournament this year. 

Hope to see you there!

 May 3 - May 5 - 13th Annual Cal Cup

The 2019 Cal Cup Matchplay Event will be held at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex in Sacramento, CA.  Haggin Oaks was established in 1932 and offers two 18-hole courses, a lighted and automated driving range, a nine-hole putt-putt course, an indoor/outdoor Player Performance Studio for club-fitting and lessons, a Super Store stocked with fashions and gear.  There’s a whole building with nothing but golf shoes and the selection of clothes, accessories and clubs in the pro shop is pretty amazing.  Worth the trip just to visit the Super Store - the #1 Public Golf Shop in the United States!

The Event Fee Structure for a Tournament Competitor has not been determined, but we have been told to expect to pay $325, which includes two rounds of golf at Haggin Oaks Golf Complex on Saturday and Sunday mornings with cart, range balls, the Friday evening Reception, Saturday and Sunday lunch buffets, and the Cal Cup awards presentation.

As always, the Cal Cup will have two formats of Team Play on Saturday, Four Ball (Better Ball) and Foursomes (Alternate Shot) and Sunday will be individual competition.  Each team member is required to play both competitive rounds.

All interested players are required to pay in full for the Cal Cup event prior to playing in a qualifying round (pay to play.)  If you do not qualify, you will be refunded the Cal Cup entry fee by March 22, 2019.  As a chapter, we are required to secure our spot in the Cal Cup event in advance, so these fees will be applied.  We anticipate being able to offer a non-competitive format on both Saturday and Sunday and those players will have an opportunity to play a round on both courses.

Your 2019 Cal Cup Captains are Marilyn Freeman and Lori Kibbie who are available to answer any questions or help with anything you may need in regards to the Cal Cup Event.

Let's bring the cup home!


May 5 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
Register Now

May 18 - 19 - LPGA Amateurs Scramble Open
Daytona . Beach Florida

June 2 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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June 15 - LPGA Amateurs District Championship Semi-Finals 
Sycuan Resort, Willow Glen, El Cajon, CA
July 7 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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August 4 - First Sunday Outing
Sandpiper Golf Club
Register Now
August 24 - Annual PMS Cup 
Santa Barbara vs. Los Angeles
River Ridge Golf Clue
Sign Up Now
September 1 - First Sunday Outing
Santa Barbara Golf Club
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September 7 - LPGA Amateurs Pacific Regional Cup Qualifiers
September 21 - Ojai Valley Inn Golf Outing
Ojai Valley Inn and Spa
Register Now
Match Play League
Season starts up in late spring.  More information coming soon,

20 Most Important Changes to Rules of Golf - Effective January 1, 2019
This is an expanded list of the 20 most important changes to the rules of golf that you need to know.  For more information about these rule changes, please go to     

1.      Search time - reduced from 5 to 3 minutes

2.      Ball moving during search - replace (no penalty) 

3.      Embedded ball - free relief from anywhere

4.      Measuring a drop - use longest club (except a putter)

5.      Dropping - knee height rather than shoulder

6.      Taking stance on wrong green not permitted

7.      Ball hits player or equipment - no penalty

8.      Double hit - counts as one stroke

9.      Touching sand in bunker accidentally is permitted

10.   Loose impediments can be removed anywhere

11.   Drop a ball out of a bunker - 2 penalty strokes

12.   Water hazards now called penalty areas

13.   Touching ground in water / penalty areas acceptable

14.   Ball moves on green after being marked - put back without penalty

15.   Ball accidentally moved on putting green - replace (no penalty)

16.   Can repair all damage on green

17.   Positioning a club for alignment not permitted

18.   Caddie assisting with alignment not permitted

19.   Ball hitting a flagstick on putting green allowed

20.   Ball wedged against side of hole and flagstick deemed as holed

Highlights the 2019 Rules Changes

If you're interested in a 2019 USGA Rules Book, contact Marilyn Freeman or download the free USGA Rules of Golf application for your IOS or Android device.

Handicap Information
Learn about Handicaps

Handicap FAQs

A. To be technically correct, the term is ‘handicap index’.  It is simply a mathematical computation using your 10 best scores in the 20 most recent rounds.  This final number represents your potential as a golfer at your current skill level and approximates  how many strokes more than par you should be able to play.

A.  As a LPGA Amateur Golf Association member you have 2 options: First, a free handicapping service is provided with your LPGA Amateur Golf Association membership through 2019.  This is called GN21.  Go to the LPGA Amateur Golf Association national website,, and login.  Then navigate to My Handicap listed on the left side of the home page and you will automatically be logged into your handicap record.  Using the GN21 system, you may only post your scores via the internet.

The second handicapping service is GHIN, a national service, which is accessed through our affiliation with Southern California Golf Association.  Membership is for 12 months at the current cost of $36 per member. Members of the Santa Barbara Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association who wish to maintain a GHIN index should contact Marilyn Freeman.  The Chapter will pay for your first year of GHIN services.  After the first year, members will be notified by to  renew and must pay the renewal price, currently $36. Using the GHIN system, members may post their scores either at the course, or via the internet.

For more information on either of these services contact our handicap chair Marilyn Freeman.

A.  First of all, an index gives you your own gage of whether you are improving your game or taking a step backwards.  Additionally, an index enables you to participate in the games (and resulting prizes) in LPGA Amateur Golf Association events.  And, finally, an index allows you to compete in events of other organizations/golf clubs. An index provides a way for golfers with different abilities to play and compete on a relatively even basis at any course.

Q.  HOW MANY ROUNDS OF GOLF DOES IT TAKE TO ESTABLISH A HANDICAP?A.  You need to post at least 5 18-hole rounds of golf to establish a handicap index.  Your index is ultimately based on the best 10 of the last 20 rounds. 

A.  Yes, 9-hole rounds can be posted and used for handicapping.  When another 9 hole round is played, it will be combined with your last 9 hole round to form an 18 hole score. 

A.  We’ve already explained your Handicap Index (the best 10 out of your last 20 scores). However, the Course Handicap will be adjusted either up or down depending upon the difficulty of the course you are playing.  You can find your course handicap by checking online at, handicapping, course ratings & calculators, course handicap calculator.  To do this, however, you will need to know the Slope of the tee box from which you will play.  Additionally, each course will have conversion charts in the pro shop from which you can obtain this information. Basically, the Course Handicap is an indicator of how many strokes over par you will score on a particular course from a particular tee box.

A. There are 2 very important numbers that each course has – the Rating and the Slope. The Rating is the USGA’s mark that indicates the evaluation of the playing difficulty of a course for a scratch golfer (higher than 0 handicap) under normal course and weather conditions.  It is expressed as strokes taken to one decimal place, and is based on yardage and other obstacles to the extent that they affect the scoring ability of a scratch golfer.  For example, the Rancho Bernardo Inn has a Rating of 68.5 from the forward tees and the Golf Club of California has a Rating of 71.3.

The Slope is the USGA’s mark that indicates the measurement of the relative difficulty of a course for players who are not scratch golfers compared to the Course Rating.  The lowest Slope is 55 and the highest is 155.  A golf course of standard playing difficulty has a Slope of 113.  For example, the Rancho Bernardo Inn has a Slope of 119 from the forward tees and the Golf Club of California has a Slope of 129.  From these numbers, you can tell that the Golf Club of California is more difficult than the Rancho Bernardo Inn and more difficult than the standard slope.

The Rating and Slope for each tee box are indicated on the course scorecard.

A. Here are some reassuring facts.  The average golfer should only be expected to play to your Course Handicap 25% of the time.  You should average 3 strokes higher than your course handicap.  And, of 20 scores you will only have one score that will be 2 strokes better than your course handicap.  This is all because the USGA Handicap System is based upon the Potential Ability of a player rather than the average of all of her scores.  A player’s Handicap Index reflects her potential because it is based upon her best scores posted, ideally the best 10 out of 20 scores.  Since the USGA has her worst scores tossed out, the Handicap Index reflects only her best days!

A.  This will enable you to compete on a level playing field in golf events.  This includes chapter friendly, non-tournament events that occur several times a month.  Many of these events give prizes for gross and net scores and an index is needed to determine your net score.  This leads to the next commonly asked question…

A.  So now you have 2 important numbers – your handicap index and the course handicap. When you play in many LPGA Amateur Golf Association events, you’ll often hear participants talk about their “pops”. Your Course Handicap generally shows how many strokes over par you will probably score on your round.  Your Course Handicap will equal your total number of pops.  So you will subtract your pops from your total score to get your net score.  Usually, each hole will be popped on your scorecard.  For example, if your Course Handicap is 36, you will receive 2 pops on each hole.  If you score a 6 on a par 4 and you get 2 pops, your net on that hole will be a 4 – congratulations on your par!  It does get more complicated than that, however.  What if your Course Handicap is 28?  Well, clearly you’ll get at least one pop on each hole and then there are 10 holes on which you’ll get one more pop.  But which holes are they?  When you look at a scorecard, you’ll see a line labeled “handicap”.  This is the rating of the relative difficulty of each hole on the course – from 1 to 18, with 1 being the most difficult.  Therefore, you’ll get your additional pops on the 10 most difficult holes on that course.

A. There are 3 answers to this question.  Two are related to the numbers of strokes you play and one is relative to the number of strokes you can post.  First, if you are playing in an LPGA Amateur Golf Association event other than an official competition such a Chapter Championship, you will usually be encouraged to take no more than 10 strokes on any hole.  This is in the interest of maintaining pace of play – and to minimize your frustration level.  In a Tournament or official competition, however, you will need to continue to play until your ball falls in the hole.  Now let’s talk about posting.  There is something called Equitable Stroke Control (ESC). Following is the ESC Chart which shows the maximum number of strokes you can take on any hole for posting purposes:




9 or less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or more


So at the end of the day, you may have to adjust your total score to account for ESC before posting.  For example, let’s say your Course Handicap is 28 and you shot a gross score of 109.  Unfortunately, however, that included an 11 on one hole and you can only post a maximum of an 8.  Therefore, you need to adjust your score to 106 when you post.

A.  Yes, it is important to post all of your scores.  Remember that only the best 10 of the last 20 scores will be used to calculate your handicap index.  Therefore, that really bad day won’t be reflected.  However, if you have a really good day, it will be included in the calculation of your handicap index – and that’s a good thing!  After all, our goal is to decrease our index which indicates that our game is improving

GHIN Handicap Lookup

GN21 Handicap Lookup

Post GN21 Handicap Lookup
Post your score and maintain a handicap via the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Clubhouse (GN21), log into the Clubhouse, navigate to My Handicap to post your score.  If you need help with this process or your handicap, please contactMarilyn Freeman, our Santa Barbara Chapter Handicap Chair.

Are you gearing up to participate in a match play event or league, use this guide to get a grip on the basic terminology of match play and how the format differs from individual stroke-play competition.  Read More

Here's a link to a Golf Digest article from the upcoming Sept. issue with some tips for Match Play:

Here is a listing of Match Play Rules to remember.... 
Match Play Overview


Marty Poole, President
Communications Director, Marty Luikart
Media Relations, Keri Dickerson
Finance & Records Director, Kitty SooHoo
Membership Recruitment Director, Bonnie Crouse
Membership Services Directors, Elaine Stevenson
Golf Education Director, Marilyn Freeman
Golf Events Director, Sharon Sweeney
SB Parks& Rec Golf Advisory Committee, Liaison, Jo Payne
Handicap, Marilyn Freeman
Santa Barbara, CA
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