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Feb 12, 2019, 13:15 PM
Chapter Full Name : Miami
State : FL
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Starting on May 16, we will begin GOLF and GO -
Saturday Golf at Shula's Golf Club.

Emails will be sent on Saturdays to RSVP for golf on the following Saturday.
Tee Times begin at 10 AM
Please read the Covid-19 requirements (below) so that you are familiar with the changes that are mandatory for Shula's Golf Club to re-open.
Shula's Golf Club will be re-opening under strict guidelines set forth by the mayor of Miami-Dade county. These requirements include the following:
  • Players will be responsible for bringing their golf equipment to a designated area.
  • No clubs or other equipment will be transported by golf course staff.
  • Designated signage will be placed outside the pro-shop and club-house outlining the required social distancing guidelines with masks.
  • Designated signage will be placed on beverage carts for instructions on how to order food & beverages.The restaurant will remained closed during the initial re-opening phase.
  • All guidelines will be followed to not exceed gathering limits established by local and state authorities.
  • No indoor events will be conducted.
  • Pro-shop entrances will remain closed. Payment will be made at the pro-shop window (table provided.) Staff will wear masks and gloves at all times.
  • The clubhouse and restrooms will be closed to all guests excluding essential staff.  Restrooms will be provided on the golf course.
  • No locker room or bag storage will be provided.
  • For all pro-shop lines, markers will be placed on the floor at a minimum of 6 feet intervals to comply with social distancing guidelines.
  • Hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes will be provided in bathrooms/payment areas.
  • Each cart will be cleaned and disinfected prior to players use.All divot mix containers, scorecards, pencils, tees, towels, coolers or other shared materials will be removed from golf carts.
  • All touch-point areas and bathrooms will be disinfected every 2 hours.
  • Driving range and putting green will be closed during the initial re-opening phase.
  • A noodle will be used to fill the hole or cup will the EZ Lift system will be installed to prevent the ball from going in the hole (prevents flagpole touching.)
  • Rakes in all bunkers will be removed.
  • All water stations will be removed.
  • All ball wash units will be removed or locked down.
  • All practice facility bag stands will be removed.
  • The driving range will remain closed during the initial phase of re-opening.
  • Where possible, 60 and older clientele will be separated from younger clientele.
  • Players will be informed not to touch or remove the flagstick from the cups at all times (any putts that hit the cup or noodle will be considered holed.)
  • All players must stay at least six feet apart at all times, and a course ranger or other staff members will monitor player compliance on the course.
  • One player per cart, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Walking is allowed while maintaining social distancing requirements.
  • All golfers are required to leave the golf course immediately after playing to eliminate congestion and gathering on the property or in the parking lot.


LPGA Amateur Golf Association Member Benefits – Miami Specific

Golf Opportunities:

  • Membership at Shulas Golf Club - 7601 Miami Lakes Dr, Hialeah, FL 33014.  Cost is only $31.03 plus tax per round.  Free locker (ask at desk)

Game Improvement:

  • USGA Handicap Service – GN21 ($25 - $75 value)
  • GolfTec: 10% off lessons –several locations within a reasonable driving distance.

Golf Clothes and Equipment:

  • Golf Galaxy: 10% off select items - In stores and online purchases. Location in Hollywood, FL
  • Chico’s – discount coupons available for LPGA Amateurs members. Several locations in the greater Miami Area

Want to get involved?  Make new friends?  Have a say in what the Miami Chapter is doing? VOLUNTEER!  Members are welcome and needed to help. Contact Carolyn Caplan via email or call her at 216-509-4200.




President - Carolyn Caplan
Member Recruitment Director - Jackie Cox
Member Services Director - Satoko Umeda
Events & Activities Director - Jan Smith
Finance & Records Director - Jennifer West
Communications Director - Carolyn Caplan
Marketing Director - Jeri Goodkin-Dausey


Want to get involved?  Make new friends?  Have a say in what the Miami Chapter is doing? VOLUNTEER!  Members are welcome and needed to help. Contact Carolyn Caplan via email or call her at 216-509-4200.


Saturday League at Shula's Golf Course

League Season begins in October and usually runs through April at Shula's Golf Club, 7601 Miami Lakes Dr, Miami Lakes, FL. There is a one time league fee of $35.  A valid USGA handicap is required to compete in league play.  Miami LPGA Amateur members do not have to join the league to play each week, however that member will not be eligible for prizes.  Weekly green fees will be approximately $32.00 (tax included).  Tee times will vary and will be announced by email a week prior to play.  Non-LPGA Amateur guests are welcome but must pay current guest rate, and will not be eligible for prizes.  Non-LPGA Amateur Golf Association guests are limited to three events/league play per year.  Weekly emails will be sent each Saturday for registration for the upcoming Saturday.


Do I have to be a good golfer to join the LPGA Amateurs?

No, you do not have to be a good or experienced golfer to join any chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Assn. In fact, many of our members are beginning golfers who have improved since joining, and they remember what it was like to be a new golfer.

We recommend new golfers take lessons from a PGA or LPGA golf professional.  Check out local golf instructors here!

Once new golfers have taken a lesson series, our chapter tries to provide an environment where women can learn to play golf without pressure, pairing new golfers with experienced players willing to mentor them. We schedule league play at several different local courses covering a range of difficulty to help accommodate golfers of all skill levels.

Changes to the Rules of Golf 2019

Click here for highlights of the new USGA 2019 Rules of Golf

Pace of Play

Being a short hitter isn’t the cause of slow play, being inaccurate however does add time to the round. What you do – or fail to do – between shots sets the pace of play, not the number of strokes you take.  Following the guidelines below will keep things moving along smoothly, earning you the approval of the marshal and the gratitude of the group behind you. 

Things you can do to keep up the pace of play:
• Before starting the round, load up your pockets with tees, divot repair tool, ball markers and an extra ball.
• Play “ready golf”: whoever is ready to hit, goes ahead – especially shorter hitters who can’t reach the group ahead.
• Develop a concise pre-shot routine and limit the number of practice swings you take.
• If you think your ball may be lost or out of bounds, hit a provisional ball, so you don’t have to go back.
• Limit the time you search for a lost ball.
• When riding a cart, drop off your partner at her ball and proceed to yours. If you’re the one riding along, take several clubs with you and start walking down the fairway after you’ve hit instead of waiting to be picked up.
• If you’re playing into the green, take your putter with you as well so you don’t have to go back to the cart.
• Leave your bag or cart on the side of the green that is towards the next tee.
Study your putting line while others are putting and hole out instead of marking your ball.
• The first one to put out, picks up the flagstick and replaces it when everyone is done.
• Don’t linger on the green to mark your score card. Proceed to the next tee and mark cards there.

And the best way to keep up the pace of play? Always, ALWAYS keep up with the group ahead of you!

Have a question?  Email the LPGA Amateurs Miami Chapter at

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Miami, FL
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