Chapter Leagues

Saturday League at Miami Lakes Golf Club

League Season begins in October and usually runs through April at Miami Lakes Golf Club, 7601 Miami Lakes Dr, Miami Lakes, FL. There is a one time league fee of $35.  A valid USGA handicap is required to compete in league play.  Miami LPGA Amateur members do not have to join the league to play each week, however that member will not be eligible for prizes. Weekly green fees will be $48.15 which is our special weekend rate from Miami Lakes during high season.  Tee times will vary and will be announced by email a week prior to play. Saturday play is available only to LPGA Amateurs members.  Weekly emails will be sent each Saturday for registration for the upcoming Saturday

  • LPGA Amateurs members can invite guests (non-LPGA Amateurs member). 
  • Non-member guests can golf only 2 times during the year.
  • Guests must pay the current guest green fee ($64.20 thru October and $69.55 beginning November 1) and will not be eligible for competition awards.
  • League golf will be at Don Shula's Golf Course in Miami Lakes - Tee Times Vary 
  • Score cards to be submitted at end of round to League Chair
  • Registration will be through Constant Contact - emails sent the Saturday prior
  • Requirements: Valid USGA handicap 
  • Format: Various
  • Questions? Contact Kaitlin Cozzo


Note: There has been a problem paying for league play if you do not have a Paypal account.

Constant Contact has been notified and is trying to resolve problem. Please contact Kaitlin Cozzo if you are unable to pay online and she will arrange for you to pay by check directly to her.

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