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  • World Handicap System
    On 1/1/20, new rules of golf handicapping was introduced in the United States. Prior to 2020, the maximum score you could post on a hole varied based on your Course Handicap. Starting in 2020, the maximum score you can post on any hole is a NET DOUBLE BOGEY. In other words, the maximum post-able score for each hole is Double Bogey + any Handicap Strokes applied on that hole based on your Course Handicap. In order to post properly, you need to be aware of each hole's stroke index allocation (formerly referred to as handicap-stroke hole). This can be achieved by "popping" your scorecard.  

    For more information about the World Handicap System go the Handicap page or or


  • Time to get ready for Cal Cup 2020!

    This year the event will be held April 24 though 26 at Singing Hills Golf Resort at Sycuan, El Cajon.  We are putting together a team of 12 (plus two alternates) and we want you! If you are interested in playing in this exciting and fun Match Play event, please Register Now and play in one or all of the qualifier rounds.

    For more information, please contact team captains, Marcy Luikart or Kathy Patton.

    Cal Cup 2020 Captains Communication