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  • Win an LPGA Amateur Backpack!!





    "Deluxe Logoed Backpack valued at $80"

    Earn 5 points by attending our Golf or Social Events 

    plus 5 more by bringing a guest and 5 if your guest becomes a Member by October deadline. 

    Prize to be awarded at our Membership Event in October.
    Any ties will be decided by a drawing (Board Members not eligible for this prize.)

  • Congratulations Melody on your hole in 1!!

    Orlando invited the Brevard chapter to play with them at their Wedgefield Event in June.  And we had a great chapter turnout, with about half of the field being Brevard members or joint Brevard/Orlando members.  But the best news was that Melody Buller had a hole in one!  Thank you Melody for the bucket of beers you provided to everyone for your accomplishment :) 

    And as an LPGA Amateur member, Mel wilI be receiving a discount card for Troon- affiliated golf courses.  Way to go Mel!!

  • Do you wonder why you never know what is going on with our Chapter?
    We have heard from several members that they don't know what is going on with events in the Chapter, and what we have seen is that members have either unsubscribed inadvertently or on purpose from LPGA Amateurs emails and/or the Virtual Community.  Once you unsubscribe, you get nothing, and the only way you can see what is going on with the chapter is thru Facebook or accessing the Virtual Community directly or by accessing the chapter website.  We are still working out how to communicate in the Virtual community, so communication is not as complete there, and you should more fully rely on emails and this website.  If you think you may have unsubscribed by accident, send us an email at Brevard/Space Coast Chapter Email address and let us know, so we can help you get reestablished.

  • A New Way to Keep in Touch in our Chapter

    LPGA Amateurs has launched a new virtual community where each chapter has its own section and can also view membership-wide information.  Within our chapter community, we can use it as a blog and communication amongst us all for the latest updates and news.  Please post your thoughts and ideas and ways that we could make this new tool useful for our chapter.   

    Here is the direct link to try it out:  Virtual Community (you should also have an email from LPGA Amateurs with the link and additional instructions for completing your profile and establishing preferences)- it would be great to have everyone update their photos and and contact information in the chapter. 

  • Attend LPGA and Symetra tour events for FREE!!!!

    Did you know that one of the benefits of being an LPGA Amateurs member is that you and a guest can attend LPGA events for free?  All you have to do is take your LPGA Amateurs card (digital works) to the will call window for the tournament, and you can get in free.  Living in Florida, there are lots of LPGA events that we can access.  Make sure you renew your membership or join to be able to take advantage of this event!!!


  • If you currently have a GOLFNET handicap, you need to read this.
    LPGA Amateurs is eliminating the GOLFNET handicap system.  If you use this as your sole source for your handicap, you need to establish your handicap with GHIN.  There are several easy ways you can do this.  You can sign up with the Florida State Golf Association (FSGA) or thru one of the local Golf Courses.  You only pay a small fee to the course or association.  You must have a handicap to compete for prizes in any LPGA Amateurs events.  Handicaps are great way to monitor your progress as you work on your skills, and your handicap also helps you get paired at events.  If you have any questions, you can email Amanda for help.

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