Chapter News & Announcements
  • August 2022 Membership Meeting

    The North Central Florida Chapter held their August 2022 Membership Meeting on August 16th at Fish Rec Center.

    From our resident photographer, Linda Peters -

    Such a fun filled LPGA Membership Meeting!
    Well organized, yummy, informative, and fun! 😊⛳️

    Many thanks to all who organized and made it happen!




    All of the pictures from the meeting can be found at this link:  Pictures


  • To Be Announced - Working on a Venue
    Cha Cha Registration Table


    WelcomeWelcome to our new members - February 17 to August 17, 2022.

    Ellen Dye, Marianne Proctor, Frances DeSio, Margaret Atkins, Jan Leeds, Cindy Walczak, Cynthia Bachman, Debbie Austin, Pokhui McKinney, DJ Roberts, Bee Rodden, Isis Trasobares, Mary Drake, Tonya Parks, Suzann Pisani, Penny Turner, June Damanti, Cindy Globush, Janet Hull and Nancy Britton




    Birdies or Better (2/17/22 to 8/16/22) - Doreen Smith (8), Lillian Bertoldo, Jeanne Rieker (8), Sharon Leonard, Karen Knock (11), Donna Egbert (5), Barbara Miller (2), Carol Enders (6), Diane Davis (9), Judy Biernat (8), Cathy Wedekind (2), Marueen Kenney (1), Pat Sofranko (6), Cathy McIntire (3), Donna Wright (3), Claire Calderone, Rosemary LeBlanc, Seay Anne Sheley (2), Kim Michaels (3), Karina Butts (4), Maddy Harmeling, June Damanti (2), Linda Peters, Barb Cooksey (4), Pat Klarer, Lisa Malcomb, Sue Poux (4), Mija Deering, Stephanie Bussey, Susie Watterson and Penny Turner.

    Hole-In-One! - Judi Andrews and Seay Anne Sheley.


    All North Central Florida Chapter members are invited to be recognized on our Birdie (or Better) Tree. If you score a birdie (or better) at any LPGA Amateur Golf event your name will be added to the tree.

    Please email the following information to  

    Name-Score-Hole number-Par for hole-Course Name-Date-Playing partner(s)
    Example: Jane Golfer, Birdie, 4th hole, par 4, Florida's Best Golf Course, August 1, 2022, Mary Jones