North Central FL Chapter
Chapter News & Announcements
  • WelcomeWelcome to our new members. We are excited to say that we have 8 new members as of 4/1/2019. Please be sure and give them a warm welcome the next time you see them.

    Mary Bazzicalupo
    Mary Berens
    Susie Blaser
    Cheryl Botts
    Patricia McClellan
    Janet Van Slyke
    Linda McKinney
    Sonia Koplowicz


    All LPGA Amateur Golf Association members are invited to be recognized on our Birdie (or Better) Tree. If you score a birdie (or better) at any LPGA Amateur Golf event your name will be added to the tree.

    Please email the following information to  

    Name-Score-Hole number-Par for hole-Course Name-Date-Playing partner(s)
    Example: Jane Golfer, Birdie, 4th hole, par 4, Florida's Best Golf Course, May 1, 2017, Mary Jones