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  • Seeking a volunteer Website Coordinator

    Seeking a Website Coordinator

    Do you have basic web-based content management skills?  Please consider volunteering!  We need you!

    We are seeking someone to support Laura Posey in managing this Chapter's website.

    What does this role involve?  

    You would use your basic web-based content management skills to publish content provided by the Board to the proper areas in the content manager.  You wouldn’t be responsible for writing content; you just publish it!  The time required would be minimal, maybe 1-3 hours per month.  We promise plenty of training and support! If you can copy and paste from Word, you can do this!

  • Reasons to Establish a Handicap Index

    Even if you are playing for fun, there are a few great reasons to value a handicap index

    First, and most importantly, do it for yourself. A handicap index gives you an idea of how your game is progressing (or not). As an example, what impact would there be if you began decreasing the number of 3-putts during rounds? Your handicap index would give you that answer.  Seeing progress and identifying areas for improvement are important, even if you are a casual player. And, let's face it, a decrease in your index also grants you some serious bragging rights!

    Maintaining a handicap index also enables our Chapter to pair you with members who have similar skill levels during League and weekend Golf Events.  

    If you are interested in participating in our competitive events like our Chapter Championship or our Match Play with our sister chapter Hampton Roads, or even a scramble, the same holds true.  A handicap index is required to enter competitive events because they level the playing field so folks of all skill levels can compete together. This gives you a much greater chance of placing and winning prizes, making these events even more enjoyable!

    As a Chapter, we encourage all members to establish a handicap index for all of the above reasons.  

    Ready to establish your handicap index?  

    • Join the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA). All VSGA membership options include handicap indexing and you can choose an online club, such as The First Tee of Greater Richmond


    • Enquire about establishing a handicap at the course where you are a member (if applicable to you) or play frequently.  Fees are typically $35+ 


      Questions or need assistance with establishing a handicap? We have your back. Contact fellow member Jennifer Hermanson,

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