Which Handicap System Should I Use:  GolfNet or GHIN?

Now that all handicap services are required to use the World Handicap System for calculations, there isn’t a difference between GolfNet and GHIN handicaps. Both are USGA compliant.  However, there are still some differences in where they are accepted and how they are acquired.




What is it

USGA handicap service and app

Note that both GolfNet and GHIN handicap services use the World Handicap System to compute handicaps and that system uses a GHIN ID to identify handicaps.  So even if you use GolfNet service, your handicap is identified by a GHIN ID.

A handicap system required by some regional golf associations, including Central Links.

Central Links is the Kansas regional golf association that provides leadership for the education, growth, and promotion of amateur golf. It is a merger of the former Kansas Golf Association, Kansas Women’s Golf Association, and Kansas City Golf Association.


  • Free with LPGA Amateurs Membership
  • Free, user-friendly mobile app: "LPGA Amateurs Handicap Service"


  • Required in state golf competitions through Central Links
  • Accepted at LPGA Amateurs competitions
  • Central Links Membership Benefits:
    • GHIN Handicap Index
    • Access toCentral Links Golf Events for women, men, and juniorsof all skill levels throughout Kansas City & the state of Kansas
    • Access to Rules & Handicapping Workshops*
    • Access to travel discounts through Affinity Travel Benefits*
    • 25% Cutter & Buck apparel online
    • Access to USGA Qualifiers for which you are eligible*
    • Certificates of Achievement for Holes-In-One and Age Shooters
    • Annual Awards for Most Improved Golfers and Most Rounds Played

* LPGA Amateurs membership provides similar benefits

How to get it

Chapter members may begin posting scores via the LPGA Amateurs Member Clubhouse (My Handicap > Post A Score). Once they've posted at least one score, they may use the free LPGA Amateurs Handicap mobile app and/or continue to post on the Member Clubhouse.

Chapter members may purchase a GHIN membership at this link.


  • When asked if you’ve ever had a GHIN number before, answer Yes and enter your 8-digit LPGA GolfNet ID to transfer your handicap history to GHIN.
  • Cost is $35 per year + $5 processing fee.

Scores can then be posted at GHIN.com, GHIN Mobile App and/or Score Posting Kiosk in a pro-shop for members to use.

Bottom line

For those who just want a handicap for LPGA Amateurs events and friendly matches, GolfNet is a good option.

For those who might participate in Kansas state golf events, GHIN is recommended.



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