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  • Organizational Meeting Agenda / Talking Points


    LPGA Amateur Agenda       9/22/2022

             Welcome- Thanks for Coming !  Introductions

                    Gayle Lee, President, Lisa Spooner, Treasurer, Claire

                          Duchemin, Secretary (unable to attend) 

                          Current LPGA Touring Professional and Tallahassee

                          resident, Frida Kinhult (unable to attend)

    1.  Why did it take so long to set up the chapter?
      1.  It takes 3 peoplewilling to serve to set it up.
      2.  Corporate documents needed to be drafted and filed in the                  

         State of Florida pursuant to LPGA Amateur requirements. Thank   you, Claire Duchemin, Attorney at Law,  (no charge) !

      3. LPGA Am (LPGA) has to approve all documents as drafted and submitted.
    2. Why is the name Amateur Golf Association- Red Hills FL/

      GA Inc. ( Legal Name) ( Common Name) LPGA Amateurs-

      Red Hills FL/GA Chapter

    1. The LPGA Am organization requires all names be regional in nature and specifies they be stated as above.

             Why an LPGA Am Chapter in our area?

    1.   Bottom Line- To increase  golf opportunities !
    1.  Increased opportunities for ALL golfers with established

       handicaps from scratch to max who are serious about golf.

    2.  Opportunities to network with other golfers outside the Tally/South Georgia area and to connect with other LPGA Am

      Chapters throughout the country.

    3.  Opportunities for LPGA Am Regional and National events (team and individual events). See website.
    4. Log into website, go to our chapter website to see events.



    A.Check out the website:

    1.   100% Volunteer organization- only as strong  as the    volunteers!!!!!


    2.  See website for dues structure (see handout)
      1.  Chapter can NOT accept checks or payment for dues.  Must be done online via the website.  The chapter does not get 100% of the dues.  Some funds have to go to the national organization.


                                       The Chapter dues portion is prorated along with the dues and

                                      Here is the breakdown the chapter receives.

                           Jan – Mar:  $31.58

                           April – June: $23.68

                           July – Sept:  $15.79

                           Oct – Dec:  $31.58


      2. Refer to website for detailed member benefits.
      3. Guests may play in 2 events before being asked to join to participate in future events per LPGA Am guest policy.
    3.  Event pricing
    1. Where are we going to play?  What clubs do our members belong to?  Where do you want to play?  This will be driven by the membership.
    2. While pricing will be negotiated to the extent possible, pricing  will likely be in line with usual guest fees.
    3. Events will be required to be run through Golf Genius app per the LPGA AM  and all payments made through that system.





                     Other Potential Activities

    A. What golf events are you interested in?

    1.  I-10 Challenge possibility  between Jax (First Coast) -Tally (Red Hills FL/GA)- Pensacola (Upper Gulf Coast)
    1.  What formats would you like to see?
    2. Other social activities?


                     Questions and Answers


                Call for Volunteer Action (See sign up 

                Sheets) including Job Descriptions




                Thank You for Attending and Good Night



      contact via chapter email)




                Gayle Lee, President,   352.258.5380

                 Lisa Spooner via chapter email address