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Your 2021 Board is: 

Chapter President:
Terri Korom   

I am a child of the 50s where most of my time was spent living on the beach, running through the woods, and diving at the quarries.   At a young age, while playing weekly checkers with a blind man, I learned some valuable is that if I lived my life never meeting a stranger there would always be friends in tomorrow. He would emphasize not to talk about others and not to talk about myself, but instead to talk with people.   That pretty much is what I have tried to live to. 

I love golf. I love to play golf, talk golf and share golf with as many as I can.  

 What does golf mean to me?  For me, it is about being outside, feeling my feet touch the earth,  hitting a little round ball with a lot of different sticks and following it around a beautiful place time after time.  Playing golf during this age of my life has given me youth beyond my years and smiles beyond laughter.  It is a way to connect with people from all walks of life.  So as you can see, I'm pretty much in-golfed by the little round ball.

I am honored and thrilled to be the upcoming president of the LPGA Amateurs Greater Knoxville Chapter.  There are no limits to where we can go with women’s golf. 

I look forward to playing a round of golf with each of you. To hear your thoughts and desires for women in golf and the continued growth of our chapter.

Finance & Records Director: Kathy Goldstein

I grew up in West Virginia and attended the Big Orange. I love every sport imaginable. Golf is one game you can play (and attempt to improve) your whole life. One of my fondest  memories is playing golf with my Mom on her 88th birthday (and yes, she whipped me around and on the greens).  I am honored to be part of the Knoxville Chapter.  Our Chapter is full of wonderful golfers, jokesters, sensitive, serious, and kind women of every level.  I truly enjoy the laughter, comradery, and competition and look forward to giving back by serving in the best interest of our Chapter.  



 Golf Events and Activities Director: Katie Brinker  

I moved to Knoxville in August 2019 from Indianapolis, IN. My husband, Zach, and son, Nolan are also golfers. We love playing golf courses around the Knoxville area and meeting new people. I started playing golf with my dad and grandpa when I was 4 years old. My competitive golf career started shortly after and still continues today. I joined the EWGA in 2013 and have been able to travel to Arizona, California, Virginia, and Florida through this organization. The EWGA/LPGA Amateurs will always be a family to me and am honored to be a board member for the Knoxville Chapter



Membership Chair: Lori Anderson

I have been a member of LPGA – Knoxville since June 2020. I was lucky to have golfing parents who got me left-handed clubs and took me golfing when I was a youngster. I still putt with an Arnold Palmer putter that my mom got me when I was a teenager. I have spent most of my life in Knoxville, went to Bearden High School and grew up playing golf at Deane Hill Country Club.

I retired from a career in aviation security systems testing in 2020 to an active lifestyle of golfing, hiking, biking, and snow skiing. I am an active member of the Knoxville Ski & Outing Club where I am a past membership chair and a current member of the committee planning distant trips.  Although I don’t fly any more, I have been certified to fly single and multi-engine planes and held instrument, commercial, and instructor ratings.

Communication Director : Peggy Schwarz 

I grew up on a farm in rural Minnesota.  It was a windy place to live so today when I feel a nice breeze, I’m in heaven.  I had wonderful, hard working “make do” parents, four siblings, and two wonderful grandmothers in my early life.  Although we had little money I was able to take piano lessons.  After we were completely hailed out one year, my grandma paid for my lessons.  She knew what was important and found a way to nurture my love of music.  Today I still love playing the piano and I play drums and bells in the Amazing Geezer Band.

My career gave me the opportunity to travel to 32 states and see our wonderful country.  I spent a lot of time in TN, NC, SC, KY and VA.  I’d love to add Norway and Israel to my list.  During my career I met lots of wonderful people.  I remember something I read one day that said, “Some people come into our lives and go quickly.  Others come into our lives and leave footprints on our heart.”  Since I retired a whole new group of friends have left footprints on my heart AND they play golf!!

 I didn’t golf much prior to retirement in 2010.  I joined the Three Ridges Golf League in 2012 and I joined the Knoxville Chapter of the LPGA Amateurs in November 2021.  (Terri twisted my arm)  I’m looking forward to adding more names to my list of friends.  

Education Chair: Linda Dublinski


I moved to Powell in January 1999.  I retired 3 years ago.  I am a charter member of the chapter. I have served on the board a few times over the years. I would say one of my favorite things to do with the chapter is volunteering to help with the monthly events. If I was asked to work at the check in table this was a great way for me to meet members or if I was asked to help with the setup of the event I learned what that all entailed.


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