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Notice about the new Handicap System
It’s that time of year when you ramp up your playing time and a few reminders that will help you as you post scores.  January 1, 2020 World Handicap System went into place. 

What has Changed?

* All handicaps calculated in once central computation service

-Service is managed by USGA/R & A

-Everyone has a GHIN number

*Handicap index Formula determined by Average of lowest 8 score differentials from most recent 20 scores (used to be 10)

*Course Handicap calculation - Now included Par

- CH = Handicap Index x (Slope/113) + (Course Rating-Par)

-Easiest ways to determine is use mobile app or website to calculate

*Maximum Hole Score = Net Double Bogey

-Double Bogey Plus Handicap Strokes (NO MORE ESC)*****

-Must join a club that offers GHIN Membership $25 annual fee to LPGA Amateur GKC

- Post online or with mobile app -Post online at or with mobile app

- Keep your game stats -Keep your game stats

- If you have other questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

**FOR EVERY ROUND, CALCULATE CH (to know max hole scores/will change with different courses/tees), POST SCORES DAILY, HAVE FUN GOLFING!!!

Handicap Renewal Notice GHIN2022

If you pay for your GHIN handicap through another club - Centennial, Tellico, etc., this renewal notice does not apply to you. Check with them to find out when you need to pay them and how much they are charging.

For those members who pay for their GHIN handicap through our Chapterall non renewals will be deactivated on Feb 28, 2022 if not already renewed. 

NOTICE FROM GHIN - A Digital Profile is now required to access For your security, we introduced a new way to log in to and the GHIN Mobile App. Create a profile ( to log in. Please visit our FAQs for additional information. If you are unable to login or need to add or update your email address, please contact your club or association.

Get your renewal completed, so you don't have any disruption in your ability to POST your scores. Also, please, let your fellow LPGA Amateur Golf Association members know that they can get their GHIN through the Greater Knoxville Chapter.

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville Chapter GHIN Handicap $25

  • Handicap fees for members, spouses or significant others is $25 this year.

To establish a GHIN Handicap send your check for $25 payable to LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville to:

LPGA Amateur Golf Association Greater Knoxville
ATTN: Handicap Service
P.O. Box 31633
Knoxville, TN 37930 

  Brigina T Wilkerson - Handicap Chair

For Handicap questions contact:

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