Chapter Leaders

President: Stacy Cohen


Tapatio (2)

Director/Treasurer: Judi Blue


Director/Secretary: Erin Fraboni


Director/Membership: Wendy Malloch


Director/Membership and Sponsors: Kristin Hazard

To reach any of the board members please email

We have several committees set up to take over responsibility of specific tasks in order to make less work for the board. If you are interested in helping out with any of these committees please contact the chairperson listed.

Communication - Jennifer Karpyshyn (email:
Responsible for: update website, send out monthly newsletters, design and send our surveys, design online event registrations, social media

Events - Caran Colvin 
Responsible for: planning 2022 calendar, securing venues, negotiating contracts, managing online and in-person registration, securing prizes

Golf Education - Open
Responsible for: doing outreach to local golf professionals, coordinating group event lessons, writing articles for the website and newsletter

Handicap - Melinda Hipp (
Responsible for: writing articles for newsletter and website, answering members' handicap questions, verifying handicaps for tournaments

Leagues - Jennifer Karpyshyn (
Responsible for: Overseeing the weekly golf leagues, liaison between league coordinators and Board or Membership Committee, setting up events in Meetup

Marketing and Sponsorship - Kristin Hazard
Responsible for: Reaching out to local businesses to ask for support in the form of tournament prizes, hole sponsors, event sponsors, etc. 

Membership - Wendy Malloch (
Responsible for:  recruitment of new members (co-ordinate with league chairs & events), and welcome members with orientation material; look after the existing membership by talking with members, collecting and analyzing data, and feeding back to the committee. The expectation is that they will actively participate in events and help supply information/articles to the communication team.

Chapter Sponsors & Partners