Chapter Policies



The Association embraces diversity and welcomes women and men of every age, race, religion, and golf skill level. Men are welcome to join LPGA Amateur Golf Association with full rights and privileges of membership with one exception - eligibility to compete in Association Championship Series, Cup Series, Scramble Open, Stableford, and other specifically identified Association and Chapter competitive events (i.e. Chapter Championship).


The Daytona Beach Area Chapter welcomes guests to participate at events and golf outings as provided in the specific activity details.  A guest/nonmember may not participate in more than two (2) Chapter activities in the same calendar year, excluding social events.  Guests are required to join the Association in order to attend a third event during the year.


All members are encouraged to play in our weekly leagues.You are not a “member” of the league; you may play in more than one league each week as often as you like. In order to have some continuity among the leagues, there are a few policies of which you should be aware whenever you play:

  • Please sign up with the league coordinator at least 24 hours before the league is scheduled to play. Although there may be room to add a player at the last minute, this cannot be guaranteed.
  • If you need to cancel your tee time please notify the coordinator. If you are unable to reach her, please notify someone at the course’s pro shop.
  • Please be ready to play at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tee time. This does not mean that you arrive 15 minutes early; you should be ready to play.
  • We play “ready golf. When it is your turn to hit, you should be standing by your ball with your club. If you are the cart driver, park your golf cart in a spot between your ball and your cart partner’s. If someone in your group is having trouble (looking for a ball, going back for a different club, raking the sand) feel free to hit out of turn to keep things moving.
  • Mark your scorecard and put away your clubs at the next hole so that the group behind you can keep moving.
  • If you prefer that the pin remain out when putting let your group know and consider putting last when possible so that the flag does not have to be moved too frequently.
  • Everyone will play to a maximum of ten shots on the hole. The league coordinator may choose a game that allows people to pick up after they reach their equitable stroke on some holes. Pay attention to the game you are playing and pick up when appropriate.
  • There have been some changes to the rules of golf. Familiarize yourself with them. 


Greeting cards are sent out under the following circumstances:

  • Get Well
  • Sympathy –  spouse, child, sibling, parent
  • Thank You to new & renewing sponsors
  • Congratulations for Hole in One
  • Thank You to departing board members

 Submit greeting card requests to: Greeting Card Request



In order to ensure that our members can participate in as many social and golf opportunities as possible, it is important that our chapter events do not conflict with other chapter events or national and multi-chapter events. Every effort should be made to avoid conflicts, and when two events do occur at the same time it is important that the event coordinators change one of the scheduled events if at all possible. Please check the chapter calendar and confer with the Events Chairperson before scheduling your events.

Chapter Sponsors & Partners