LPGA Amateurs Daytona Beach, FL Chapter

From the Desk of Jackie Poole

 World Handicap System (WHS) Update
As part of the transition to the WHS, all GolfNet Handicap accounts are now listed in the GHIN system and have been issued a GHIN number. This listing is for Handicap verifications only. If you use GolfNet to maintain your Handicap, you will not be able to post your scores at ghin.com. All GolfNet users will still post their scores as before, by logging in at the Member Clubhouse or from the mobile app.
We recommend having only one active Handicap account (except in those cases where a club requires a second GHIN account). If you have been using both GHIN and GolfNet to post your scores, you will have two listings – one for your GHIN account and one for your GolfNet account. If you prefer to use GHIN exclusively, you have two options to ensure one active account:

  1. Have your GolfNet account set to inactive – the GolfNet account will still show in the GHIN system with a different GHIN number, but will be marked inactive and show NH for No Handicap (this will negate any possible confusion about which account is current);
  2. Have your GolfNet and GHIN accounts merged – both accounts will still be listed, but with the same GHIN number and Index. If you were posting in both accounts at the same time, there will likely be duplicate scores. The duplicates can be deleted either by the GHIN account admin or in GolfNet by the Chapter admin. Any deletions in one account will be transmitted to the other account so the records will match. 
 For assistance contact Jeanne Biggerstaff at handicap@lpgaamateurs.com