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In the past LPGA Amateur Golf Association memberships were up for renewal the month you joined. Beginning in 2020, all memberships will be moving to a calendar year model (January - December). When your dues expire in 2020 you will be paying a prorated membership fee for the remainder of 2020. For 2021, all memberships will expire December 31, 2020. However you will have a grace period through March 15, 2021 to renew.

Here's an example. Many of us joined LPGA Amateurs in March or April. When we renew our memberships in those months (in 2020) we will pay $10 for each month remaining in the year. So if you are renewing a Classic Membership in March you would pay $90 (9 months x $10). April would be $80 (8 months x $10). If a new member joins in 2020, she will pay based on the prorated formula.

If you have questions about the new membership formula, send an e-mail to membership@lpgaamateurs.com.