Chapter Policies
Code of Conduct

It is the shared privilege of LPGA Amateur Golf Association, members and tournament competitors to be welcomed by private clubs and courses for social events and tournament play. As guests, all members share the responsibility of demonstrating exemplary conduct, sportsmanship, and courtesy at all times. Further, members are reminded that we represent the LPGA, it’s tour players, teachers, girls golf members and fellow amateurs’ members. The game of golf is centered around integrity and proper etiquette. Behavior contrary to this is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Any breach to the code of conduct related to the following:

  • Fellow member
  • Competitor
  • TOPS Team Member
  • Official
  • Spectators
  • Employees of the host facility
  • LPG Amateur Golf Association staff
  • Other persons conducting or attending an LPGA Amateur Golf Association event

If a breach occurs it can be grounds for a warning, penalty, disqualification, suspension or termination of membership based off the severity of the situation. Such abuse may be verbal or physical or threat thereof and includes but is not limited to; the use of obscene language, extreme disrespect to a fellow member or physical damage to property or equipment including that of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association or the host facility.

Examples of a breach in the Code of Conduct directed at entity and may result in consequence include (but are not limited to) the following:

  • Use of profanity, either in frustration or directed toward another individual
  • Inappropriate, derogatory, or abusive language/gestures
  • Disruptive or distracting behavior
  • Throwing of equipment
  • Intentionally causing damage to the golf course or objects on course property
  • Use of cell phone / electronic device for purposes other than those permitted by the Rules
  • Other unbecoming or inappropriate conduct as determined by the LPGA Amateur Golf Association

Code of Conduct Steps at Chapter Level:

  • First breach = Verbal warning by the Chapter President
  • Second breach = Written warning from Chapter President (Notify National office that a written warning has been given)
  • Third breach = Member is put on probation for a 3-month period
  • Fourth breach or any serious misconduct = Suspension of membership for 6 months (no participation at social or golf events allowed at Local or National level)
    Note: Members record will be reset to first level after 6 months with no further breach
  • Fifth breach = Termination of membership

Code of Conduct Steps at Events:

  • First breach = warning
  • Second breach = one-stroke penalty
  • Third breach = general penalty (two penalty strokes or loss of hole in match play)
  • Fourth breach or any serious misconduct = disqualification

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association™ has the authority to revoke a membership at anytime if any serious misconduct occurs.

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