LPGA Amateurs Charlotte Chapter
Chapter Policies

LPGA Amateurs Charlotte Events Policy  


Once published, pairings are final.  Please do not ask to be re-partnered.   Partner requests made in comments when signing up are taken into consideration, but not guaranteed to be fulfilled.


Non-LPGA AM members may attend two scheduled golf events in a calendar year.   To attend additional events, we ask that the guests become EWGA Charlotte members.  (Member/Guest and Invitational are not included in the two event count.)

Refunds for Pre-Paid Events

No refunds will be provided for pre-paid events except for those instances where the Chapter cancels an event.

Late Cancellation / No Shows

For events that are specified as “pay at course”, "pay instructor the day of clinic" and similar, registrants will be charged $30 or the event fee (whichever is greater) if cancellation is received after the sign-up/cancellation deadline for the event, but before the day of the event. Same day cancellations and “No-shows” will be charged $50 or the event fee (whichever is greater).  This does not apply to those instances where an event is cancelled. Further event participation will be denied until the fees are paid. We understand life events and illnesses happen. This policy is not meant to be punitive in these cases and as such we will consider them on a case by case basis.

To keep the number of late cancellations and no show fees to a minimum, we encourage registrants who must cancel or who find themselves unable to attend the event to identify a substitute. If you cancel and have a substitute, just call the course the day of the event and have them pencil in the name of your substitute.

Rain Out Policy

If an event is rained out, the golf course’s rain check policy applies. At times, the weather forecast allows the chapter to make advanced plans for total rain outs. In this case, you will be contacted via email regarding cancellation of the event no later than two hours prior to the first tee time and if the event will be rescheduled.

Pace of Play

To maintain an enjoyable pace of play for all, players with handicaps should pick up their ball when they have reached the maximum score for their handicap.  Players without handicaps should pick up at double par.  Very new golfers are encouraged to play a “best ball” format with their playing partner.   [This does not apply to the Chapter Championship or other tournament events which require you to hole out your ball.] Individuals identified as “pace of play monitors” in the pairings are requested to maintain the pace of play for your foursome. Here are more great tips from the USGA.   USGA Tips