Central Oregon Chapter

The strength and longevity of our Chapter depends solely on volunteers. We cannot thrive without our members support. Volunteering is the best way to give back to your Chapter, meet members and make new friends. If you are not already involved, please consider volunteering for an event, a committee or on the Board.  

Currently seeking volunteers for the following Events/Committees:
Central Oregon Golf Show March 14th - Need a Lead

Season Kick Off April 18th - Need a Lead

Ice Breaker Golf Event - Diane Kirpach

Member Services (correspondence, profiles & social events) - Diane Kirpach

Golf Events, Handicap & Golf Education – Laurel Ewing 

Media & Sponsor Relations – Ashley Burbank & Shari Noldge

Communications (Website, Newsletter & Facebook) – Shari Howard

Email: lpgaamateurscentraloregon@gmail.com