Local Benefits

As a member of an LPGA Amateurs Ontario chapter, you can purchase a Golf Canada Membership through our golf group for the discounted rate of $49 payable through our registration portal. (Note that a public GC membership is $59.95 plus tax = $67.74)

Please note that all accounts will be activated as of April 1, 2024 and be valid until March 31, 2025, regardless of the date of purchase. No refunds are available. 


Note about purchasing: Members must have a current active LPGA Amateurs membership in order to access the Golf Genius event and to complete this purchase.  It will take 24 hours for your LPGA Amateurs membership renewal to be recognized in Golf Genius. 

More information about Golf Canada and tracking your handicap can be found in the Education > Handicap section of the website.

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