Local Benefits

Obtaining a 2024 Golf Canada Membership from LPGA Amateurs  

(Not applicable to anyone receiving their handicap service from a private club) 

Beginning in 2023, the Golf Canada Membership benefit has changed and will no longer be free of charge with your LPGA Amateurs membership.  Instead, the handicap benefit has changed to be available to any member at the discounted rate available through our LPGA Amateurs Ontario golf group.   

Your Golf Canada membership provides: 

  • An Official Handicap Index 

  • The Golf Canada app for GPS yardages and more 

  • Incident Protection 

  • Travel and Hotel discounts 

For more detail, please access Golf Canada Membership Benefits.  

The fee for the Golf Canada Memberships is $49.00, which is a $19 savings compared to directly purchasing a Golf Canada membership online at $67.74.  

Golf Canada Memberships are available to purchase as of January 2nd through our Golf Genius event portal, at: 

Members must have a current active LPGA Amateurs membership in order to access the Golf Genius event and to complete this purchase.  It will take 24 hours for your LPGA Amateurs membership renewal to be recognized in Golf Genius. 

Please note that all accounts will be activated as of April 1, 2024 and be valid until March 31, 2025, regardless of the date of purchase. No refunds are available. 

Canadian Merchandise Shop

Creative Casuals is the Canadian supplier of LPGA Amateur brand merchandise.  Follow the link below to find readily available products.  

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