York-Simcoe, Canada Chapter
Chapter Leagues

York-Simcoe plays at Redcrest


On Tuesday night, we play at Red Crest, the premium golf course at Cardinal Golf Club. 

League play begins June 2. Physical distancing procedures will be in place in accordance with the Covid-19 Operational Guidelines & Policies published on Cardinal Golf Club's website www.cardinalgolfclub.com

Our league fees for 2020 are:
3:00 p.m. start     $49 + optional cart fee $13 + HST
5:00 p.m. on        $40 + optional cart fee $10 + HST

Note: You can play up to 18 holes for these rates, as your time permits.

Members can book up to 2 weeks in advance and bookings are done by phone 905-841-7378.

Anything not booked by the Sunday afternoon prior to our league night will be released to the public.

Remember, if you can't make your tee time you need to contact the course to cancel.

Inter-League Play

Golfscoring.net websiteLadies in the York-Simcoe league can have fun and a bit of competition by participating in an online scoring system called golfscoring.net.

Members are divided up into four teams, with volunteer Team Captains leading each group. The team assignment was done randomly by a draw at the Season Opener. Check which team you are on here.

Each week league players will receive a weekly game card by email for them to complete during their round and then forward to their captain. Megan Bawn, League Chair, will compile the results and post on golfscoring.net

Teams are awarded points based on how they did as a group, and there are individual prizes for participation. All you have to do is show up to get points!

Remember, you don’t have to play with your team.

Access the golfscoring.net site to see what it is all about!

There will also be a side game of BINGO which runs all season to add to the fun!
YOU choose the numbers, then find out what corresponding golf activities you will need to do to complete a line or two, or the whole card!  

Note: This BINGO game is exclusive to our league and not part of the overall LPGA Amateurs Association BINGO game organized by US headquarters.

See the 2019 Team Results - Congratulations to "Chix With Stix" for getting the most points.

Team Members:
Bridgette B.
Carol Ba.
Linda B.
Kelly G.
Sue S.
Barb T.
Debby W.

Congrats to all teams on a great season.

Thanks to Megan Bawn for organizing so many great on course games each week in the 2019 season. 


Find out more on the GolfScoring.net site