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Feb 12, 2019, 13:08 PM
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State : CT
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2020 Tee Off Luncheon
Sunday, March 22nd 
Longshore Country Club
Westport, CT


MARK YOUR CALENDARS.....................

2020 League Start Dates
Sterling Farms - TBD
Orange Hills - TBD
Tashua Mondays - April 20
Ridgefield - TBD
Tashua Tuesdays - May 5th
Fairchild Wheeler - TBD
Mentor League - May 13
Vails Grove - TBD
Oak Hills - TBD
Longshore - TBD

The LPGA Amateurs offers a welcoming golf community for all women to learn to play, play better, have fun and make friends.  Highlights of LPGA Amateurs member benefits include:

  • Organized golf: leagues, outings, regional & LPGA Amateurs competitive events, golf experiences and trips
  • Golf education, instruction and clinics
  • Social and networking events
  • Free entrance (member plus one guest) to all LPGA, Symetra, and LPGA Legends Tour events in the US and Canada
  • Discounts on apparel, equipment, travel, greens fees and more

We are always looking for volunteers...
If you have a volunteer opportunity you want to share or if you are interested in volunteering, please contact our president, Wendy Woolf, at presidentLPGAAmateursFairfield@gmail.com.


2020 U.S. Open Championship
Winged Foot Golf Club, 
Mamaroneck, NY
June 15-21, 2020

Be a part of golf history as the game's grandest stage - the 2020 U.S. Open
Championship - comes back to Winged Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY
from June 15-21, 2020!

The U.S. Open requires a great deal of support and volunteers play an integral part of the U.S. Open Championship experience. Whether it is serving as marshals, leader boards, disability shuttle drivers and providing information and assistance to thousands of fans, there is something for everybody! The U.S. Open could not operate successfully without the 4,500 dedicated volunteers.

The LPGA Amateurs - Fairfield Chapter members will have an opportunity to volunteer and enjoy, firsthand, the excitement of the U.S. Open!

If anyone is interested in becoming a volunteer for this prestigious tournament, please visit: 2020volunteers.usga.org

2020 U.S. Senior Women's Open 
Brooklawn Counrty Club, Fairfield, CT.
July 9-12, 2020

Brooklawn Country Club will host the 2020 U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship from July 9-12. Approximately 600 dedicated individuals comprise the Volunteer Program for the championship! It is our goal to provide each volunteer with a unique and exciting experience during the championship. 

All volunteers for the 2020 U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship will volunteer for a minimum of four (4) shifts with each shift lasting between five (5) to six (6) hours and will be responsible for arriving at their assigned positions on time, without the use of cart transportation. Volunteers will not be paid wages or compensated in any other manner in exchange for their volunteer activities. Volunteers will be required to purchase the Volunteer Apparel Package for $85. As part of the Volunteer Package, volunteers will receive apparel pieces specifically designed for the championship, a credential valid for the week of the championship and a meal voucher for each assigned shift. The Volunteer Package will consist of one golf shirt, a rain poncho, a piece of headwear, a pin and a water bottle. You may submit your payment for the Volunteer Package with your application.

You can fill out the application online OR by contacting the 2020 U.S. Senior Women’s Open Championship Office to request a hard-copy application. Volunteer opportunities are largely granted on a first-come, first-served basis. The Championship Office will notify you if you have been selected as a volunteer. Please note, volunteers may be subject to a criminal history background check and/or a Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) driving record check based on committee assignment.

For more info: https://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/championships/2020/2020-us-senior-womens-open-volunteer-info.html#returnable


Board of Directors

President                                                   Wendy Woolf

Immediate Past President:                        Martha Johnson

Finance & Records Director:                     Rhea Adler 

Membership Services Co-Directors:         Jennifer Polla and Carol DeVito

Marketing & Sponsorship Director:           Sue Haley

Communications Director:                         Lisa Longwell

Events & Activities Director                       Joann DeBlasis

Handicap Chair:                                        Lisa Edmonds

LPGA-USGA Girls Golf:                            Kim Kingston

Finance Committee Chair:                        Linda Tagliamonte
Social Media:                                            Ruth Ann Funari     

League Coordinator:                                Martha Johnson                                 

League Chairs:                                     

Tashua Monday:                                       Marianne Elliot

Ridgefield                                                  Carol DeVito

Longshore:                                                Jill Bregy

Tashua Knolls:                                          Rita Skog

Fairchild Wheeler:                                     Rhea Adler 

Mentor League                                         Cathy Porter and Carole Mazzarella

Sterling Farms:                                          Liza Hulit

Oak HIlls                                                   Kim Kingston

Orange Hills:                                             Pat Worthy & Jane Twombly
Vails Grove                                               Patty Davis




1. It is the responsibility of the Board of Directors to ensure all funds are received and 
    expended in accordance with sound financial management practices and to support
    the overall goals of the Chapter.

2. The President and Finance & Records Director will supervise the Treasury team.
    Cash Disbursements, Bank Deposits and Bank reconciliation and financial reporting
    must be done by 3 different people, of which the Finance & Records Director can be
    one. They will carry out the day-to-day financial operations of the Chapter in
    accordance with policies set by the Board of Directors. 

3. Finance & Records Director, President and the Cash Disbursements Person can be
    signers on the Chapter Bank Accounts.

4. The Finance & Records Director will be responsible for presenting current Financial
    Reports at Board of Directors meetings. The Finance & Records Director is also 
    responsible for overseeing the proper recording of all income and expenses and the
    filing of all required tax returns.  In the absence of the Finance & Records Director, the
    President or another designated Director may fulfill these obligations.

5. All Board Members will be responsible for properly accounting for all Chapter
    expenditures for their respective areas and committees.

6. As required by the IRS, all expenditures exceeding $25.00 must be evidenced by an
    original receipt.  We strongly encourage all expenditures to be supported by an
    original receipt.
7. Any expense paid by Cash Disbursements Person for over $500 must be approved 
    by a Board member. An email is sufficient.

8. The Board must approve any contractual obligations or guaranteed minimum costs
    prior to commitment by an individual Board member including deposits and contracts
    for golf events or leagues, clinics, social or other events.  This clause also applies to
    guaranteed minimum participation levels.

9. Annually, each Board Member will be responsible for submitting all budget requests
    for the following year.   Once approved by the Board of Directors, each Board
    Member and their committees may incur expenses to carry out the planned events
    and functions for the year.  The Board of Directors must approve any additions or
    changes to the budget.

10. The Board of Directors will approved Bad Deb Write Off exceeding $50.00.  The
    Finance & Records Director may write off bad debts less than $50.00 after collection
    efforts fail.

11. Any member failing to pay any obligation to the Chapter will not be a member in
    good standing and will be unable to participate in leagues or any other functions of the
    Chapter,  Any obligation owed to the Chapter by a guest of a member to a golf event
    is the responsibility of the member to ensure that the obligation is paid.  All requests
   for refunds, out of the activity guideline, will be put in writing to the designated
   person who will submit them to the Board for approval.

12. Cancellation/Refund Policy: When a member signs up for an event and later cancels
   her registration or does not show up for an event, every attempt will be made to make
   a refund, if possible. However, if the Chapter has confirmed her attendance at an
   event and the Chapter has paid out funds for the event and cannot receive a refund
   from the vendor or find a member replacement, no refund will be made. This policy
   also applies to guests. The Chapter’s cancellation and refund policies should be
   included on the registration form for all events. If the registration form policy is
   different, its policy will override this one. 

   Leagues: There are no refunds for league play.  If a substitute plays for you, they
   should reimburse you directly.

 13. If the Chapter has a returned check, the person who wrote the check will be
   charged the amount the bank charges the Chapter.



Our Chapter has a number of weekly mailings to our members in an effort to communicate new organizational and/or chapter information and upcoming events.
E-mails are sent periodically as reminders to register for the events. We apologize for any duplication this may result in your receiving several mailings for each event




Northeast Regional Cup Qualifier
Tunxis Country Club - Farmington, CT
September 7-8th

5th Annual Fairfield vs Westchester Match Play
September 15th, 2019
Centennial Golf Club
Carmel, NY

Congratulations to Fairfield County winning the 5th annual match!


Tashua Par-Tee Mondays
Trumbull, CT

This is a pay as you play informal league.  Marianne Elliott is the league coordinator and can be contacted for a reservation or information.  The email for the league is ttoille46@gmail. Marianne's cell#: 203-751-5115

Start date: April 20th

Westport, CT

Monday afternoon

Cost is $125 for 5 week session. Golf carts extra - $20 per two players.

For more information, please contact Jill Bregy at jrbregy@mindspring.com.

Ridgefield - Monday
Ridgefield, CT
Start Date: TBD
Tee Times: 4:10 and 4:50 p.m.

This is a pay as you go League on Monday afternoons. If you plan to play every week, it may be cost effective to consider a membership at the course.  Different level of memberships are available. More information can be found at
For more information, contact Carol DeVito at carol_devito@comcast.net

Tashua Knolls Tuesday
Trumbull, CT

Tashua Tuesday starts May5th and ends on September 1st. Tee times between 4:20 to 4:45 and 5:15 to 5:50 (depend on how many tee times we need). Rita Skog is the league coordinator - ritaskog@hotmail.com

Fairchild Wheeler
Bridgeport, CT

This league will begin in May and runs for two sessions. Rhea Adler is the league coordinator and can be contacted for more information at radler16@optimum.net.

New Women Golfers
We Have The League For You!
Carl Dickman Par 3 course 
2019 Mentor Golf League
Old Dam Road Fairfield

 A friendly venue for the new woman golfer to play with other Beginner Golfers in a non-competitive format.

The LPGA AGA Mentor League  is designed for the new woman golfer who has had some exposure to the game, but is looking for a friendly, non-competitive environment in which to practice and improve her skills with other golfers at a similar level.

Each foursome consists of 3 players & one mentor.

Our mentors do not teach golf, but rather focus on:
Golf Etiquette - Basic Rules of Golf - Pace of Play

Coordinators: Carole Mazzarella & Cathy Porter

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month,
May 13th through August—Tee times begin at 5:00 pm

2019 Par 3 Rates 

Resident (with ID*) $11.00 
Non-Resident $16.00
*Golf ID 

Each player must have their own set of clubs
Pull-cart rentals are available for $5
*Golf ID $70/season

Volunteer Mentors needed -

To register: email to either coporter@snet.net or cmazza0217@aol.com
For more information: www.chapters.lpgaamateurs.com/chapter/CTFA 

Oak Hills
Norwalk, CT

Oak Hills is a Thursday afternoon league in Norwalk and captained by Kim Kingston.
There will be 3 sessions beginning May 9th, June 13th  and July 25th.
 For more information, please contact Kim Kingston @ KimKingston@att.net.

Sterling Farms
Stamford, CT

This league will start  TBD. 
Tee times are 5:30 p.m., 5:40 p.m. and 5:50 p.m. for mid June thru July.

For more information and availability, please contact Liza Hulit @ ephulit@gmail.com.

Vails Grove

Vails Grove is a pay as you go league, no commitment needed except to let Patty Davis know how many spots they need. Very relaxed group and everyone pays their own way weekly.  No pressure and we try to help each other improve our game and learn the rules. Anyone that wishes to be added to the league e-mail list should e-mail Patty.

For more information, please contact the league coordinator Patty Davis at pattydavis@optonline.net.

Start Date: TBD  Tee times start at 4:45 p.m. 

Orange Hills - Saturday Morning

We are a league made up of women with diverse backgrounds and skills, both on and off the course, who are just a group of “Sisters with Swing” who love playing this wonderful game of golf.

We will kick off the season with our first round of play in April. The tee times are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. You will note that the season is broken into (4) sessions. Prior to each session, we will send out a signup notice. You do not have to play in every session and you can sign up for the dates that work for you. You must register so that we may reserve your spot with the course.  You will pay the course directly when you arrive to play. If you find that you cannot play on a Saturday that you have signed up for, please let us know so that we can adjust our reservation and numbers with the golf course.

Fees - $23.00 (walking). A cart is an additional $8.00 and is optional. First tee time is 10:00 a.m. (Please arrive, ready to play 15 minutes prior) 

Again welcome and we “Sisters with Swing” look forward to playing with you. We will be sending a league sign up form and information about our upcoming Chapter Kick-off.

Orange Hills Captains

Pat Worthy - cell (203) 494-8702 e-mail: pworthy@snet.net
Jane Twombly -  jtwombly@optonline.net  


LPGA AGA membership must be current throughout league sessions or you will not be able to play. 









Clinics and golf education:

Jordan Lintz, LPGA Golf Professional, Oronoque Country Club, Stratford, CT - https://jordanlintzgolf.com
Golf has been the major focus of Jordan's life for over 25 years! Whether it was Junior Golf, Collegiate Division I Golf or Professional Golf, she has the experience and knowledge to help you improve your game! 

If you are looking for help in any area of your game, you've come to the right spot. Jordan has the ability to help you improve swing fundamentals and mechanics in every person at any level in order to increase consistency and repeatability. Having a solid foundation of posture, stance, balance and grip is the base for building and improving anyone's golf game!  With a solid foundation, scores will really come down quickly when you focus on the "Scoring Zone" of 100 yards and in. Chipping, pitch shots and putting fundamentals and knowing when to use them is the best way to shoot lower scores FAST!

Liz Gentile, LPGA Teaching Professional, Fairchild Wheeler Golf Course, Bridgeport, CT 203-767-8058 - https://www.lg-golf.com

Liz has been teaching the game for more than 30 years. Her instructional approach is based on her student’s needs and desired goals. Special CORE Programs are available for learning over time but Liz also offers ongoing Golf Clinics beginning in April each year.

Indoor lessons are available with launch monitor and video to assist in the learning process and for direct feedback. The range and other areas at Fairchild Wheeler provide a great backdrop for a complete learning experience with Liz.

Liz would welcome hearing from you if you have questions and would love to work with you on your game. Happy Golfing!


2019 LPGA Change in Golf Rules

 The new USGA Rules of Golf go into effect on January 1, 2019.  Click here to download a copy of the 2019 Rules of Golf Changes brochure that was created by the LPGA for the LPGA Tour players. Click here to view online videos created by the USGA. Links to the brochure and the videos are available at LPGAAmateurs.com under the "Events".


                                                   Why a Handicap?
Benefits of Having a Handicap:  

  • Handicaps are a gauge of the golfers skill level.
  • Handicaps allow a player to compete on a level playing field with players at other levels.
  • Handicaps provide a barometer of a golfers progress of improvement over time.
  • Handicaps challenge a golfer to give it her best when playing.
  • Handicaps become a personal badge of accomplishment.
  • Handicaps allow players to compete in EWGA championship events.
  • Handicaps can be established using scores from 9-hole or 18-hole play.


What is an Index?

An index represents a player's potential scoring ability and is expressed as a number taken to one decimal place.

What is a Handicap?

A handicap is the specific number of strokes you need to play on a specific set of tees to adjust your score back to the level of scratch (i.e. Course Rating).

What is a Course Handicap? 

A course handicap is the number of handicap strokes a player receives at the course being played. A course handicap is determined by applying her index number to a Slope Conversion Table.

What is a Slope Rating? 

A slope rating reflects the relative playing difficulty of a course for a non-scratch golfer compared to a scratch golfer. The higher the Slope Rating, the greater the gap in expected scores between the scratch golf and the bogey golfer. A general rule is, the higher the course slope, the more difficult the course is to play.

What is a Gross Score?

A players actual score, stroke for stroke.

What is an Adjusted Score?

A player's gross score minus adjustments. This is using the maximum number of strokes a person with a handicap can post on any hole by using the Equitable Stroke Control table (see below). For example, if a person with a course handicap of 20 actually shoots a 10 on any one hole, after the round is completed, the person must adjust their score by -2 strokes when posting it for their handicap.

Adjusting Scores:

If you start but do not complete a hole (or are conceded a stroke), record the score you most likely would have made. This most likely score should be preceded by an "X" and should not exceed your Equitable Stroke Control limit (described later in this section). If you do not play a hole, your score for that hole will be par plus any handicap strokes which you are entitled to receive on that hole. When recording this hole score, precede the score with an "X". Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) sets a maximum number that you can post on any hole depending on your Course Handicap. ESC is only used when the actual or most likely score exceeds the maximum number based on the table below.

Equitable Stroke Control Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) sets a maximum number that you can post on any hole depending on your Course Handicap. ESC is only used when the actual or most likely score exceeds the maximum number based on the table below.  


Your Handicap

Max Strokes Per Hole

9 or Less

Double Bogey

10 through 19


20 through 29


30 through 39


40 or More




If you have any questions, please email Jean at handicap@lpgaamateurs.com.

                                                       Rules & Etiquette

The game of golf is unique in the sports world because there are no umpires, referees, or linesman watching to ensure the rules and courtesies are being followed by every player. Each golfer is her own referee and scorekeeper. We assess our own penalties, which makes that out of bounds ball twice as painful. It becomes our responsibility to know and follow the rules and etiquette of the game. The two elements of self-policing and etiquette make golf very different from other athletic events.

This can be quite a challenge especially for those that are also learning the mechanics such as the golf swing or how to putt. However, learning the etiquette is just as important for enjoying the game as learning the skills and rules. Common courtesies like who tees off first, where to place your bag when putting, and when to be quiet are an integral part of play. Only through understanding and concern for others can we be alert to all the situations that unfold on the course which affect ours and others enjoyment of the game.

The complete rules of golf can be found at http://www.USGA.org. The USGA web site has complete online listings of the Rules & Decisions as well as an online Rules Quiz and Rules FAQ.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association also provides Pace of Play Guidelines that can be found on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association website.

The following is basic golf etiquette. Because etiquette is based on player's safety and consideration for others, situations not mentioned here can be handled well if both of these aspects are kept in mind.

Before you Play

  • Arrive early for your tee time so you have ample time to check-in and get ready.
  • Each player must have her own set of clubs and a bag. Most facilities rent clubs.

General 'On the Course' Etiquette

  • Be quiet and still while others are hitting.
  • Do not stand directly behind players that are hitting. Stand off to the side instead.
  • Be sure that your equipment and your cart are out of the way when others are hitting.
  • Do not expect your partners to execute perfect shots every time. Position yourself such that you are out of the way of potential errant shots.
  • Be aware of and follow all Pace of Play Guidelines.

On the Tee and in the Fairway

  • Do not hit into the group ahead of you. If you are unsure as to whether the group ahead of you is out of range, it's better to wait.
  • If your shot is straying near other golfers, yell 'fore' early and loudly so that the players in danger have a chance to react and protect themselves. If you are uncertain whether your ball is going to land near other golfers, play it safe and yell 'fore' anyway.
  • If you hit your ball into another fairway, do not disrupt the play of the group on that hole. If you need to wait to hit out of another fairway, others in your group should go ahead and hit while you are waiting.
  • Always replace your divots. Some nicer courses prefer that you fill divots with seed that they provide on each golf cart. 

In Bunkers

  • Enter the bunker such that you will have to walk across the least amount of sand to play your shot. Enter the bunker from the low side.
  • Avoid walking down the deep slope of bunkers so that you do not shift large amounts of sand.
  • Always rake the bunker when you are done. Fill and smooth out footprints and stroke marks. Leave the rake outside the bunker where it is least likely to affect play, unless otherwise requested by the course.
  • For large bunkers, be sure the rakes are left spaced so that those that come after you won't have to walk far to find a rake.

On and Around the Green

  • Do not bring golf bags or pull-carts onto the green.
  • Avoid stepping on other people's putting 'line'. The 'line' is the likely path the ball will take on its way to the hole. This is not always a straight line, since greens have contour.
  • Do not leave scrape marks or drag your spikes on the green. The rules do not permit players that come after you to repair these marks if it might assist in their subsequent play of the hole.
  • Repair ball marks on the green. Do so with a ball mark repair tool by inserting the ball mark around the edges of the mark and pulling your hand toward the center of the mark. Then tap it down flat with the bottom of your putter. Do not pull your hand away such that the center of the mark lifts up. This dislodges the roots of the grass and kills it. Try to repair your ball mark plus one other on every green.
  • When tending the flagstick, stand on the side of the hole away from where the curve of the green will take the putt. Be sure that your shadow is not over the line of the putt or the hole. On windy days, grasp the flag to keep it from flapping.

Golf Cart Etiquette

Know cart rules before you play. Depending on the conditions and the weather, a course may not allow power carts on the fairway or may be enforcing the 90 degree rule. The 90 degree rule means that you should drive on the cart path until you are even with your ball. You should then drive straight out to your ball, hit, and then drive straight back to the cart path.
  • Do not park your cart such that other vehicles cannot pass it.
  • Golf carts should always be kept at least 30 feet, often further as marked by the course, from the greens.

For members, more extensive etiquette guidelines are available in your New Member Orientation Handbook.

Many thanks for the continued support from our sponsors!

Ameriprise Financial


Coleen A. Banks, CFP®, MBA, APMA®
Private Wealth Advisor of Banks Wealth Partners,

A Private Wealth Advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.

   Contact Coleen Banks for assistance with your investing needs.
Go to her website (http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/coleen.a.banks).

King Industries

Sponsor of Girls Golf

LPGA*USGA GIRLS GOLF of Fairfield County

The LPGA (Ladies’ Professional Golf Association) started the program in 1989 to introduce girls 7-17 years old to the game of golf.  The LPGA and USGA partner to offer grant funds to sites around the country annually.  Our local partner is the LPGA Amateurs Fairfield County chapter (EWGA) who supports the program through generous contributions.

Our site began in 2001 with 20 girls.  Our numbers have grown each year and in 2018 we had over 120 girls involved.

Our program runs from April through September at Tashua Knolls Golf Course in Trumbull, CT.  Director of Golf, Bobby Brown and his group of golf instructors teach our girls the mechanics of the golf swing using Tashua’s wonderful practice facility.  Our girls receive instruction on golf equipment as well as rules & etiquette of the game.  We meet “rain or shine” thanks to Tashua's new Miklus Junior Golf facility.

We split our group into Aces (7-8 yrs), Pars (9-10 yrs.), Birdies (11-12 yrs.) and Eagles (13-17 yrs.) groups so the girls get quality time with the golf instructors and plenty of time on the practice range, putting green and the golf course.  During the spring, the groups meet on average three weeks on Tuesdays from 5:30-7pm for golf clinics.  From June through August, Aces and Pars groups meet every other Tuesday while the Birdies and Eagles groups go out on the Glen course every Wednesday evening.  In September we hold a 9-hole golf tournament for the girls and their adult partners.

Contact Kim Kingston for more information - kimkingston@att.net.

For More Information about the Fairfield County Chapter, please contact:

E-mail: infolpgaamateursfairfield@gmail.com

Phone: 203-803-4620

Fairfield County, CT
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