We are women who enjoy playing golf in the greater Palm Springs area, having fun, improving our game, and expanding our circle of friends and contacts.  Some of our diverse and energetic members live in the paradise of the Palm Springs area year around while others are seasonal who spend the fall and winter months in our wonderful desert. Come and be a part of this great organization!

Please extend a warm welcome to our newest members who joined in 2019 and 2020:

Annaliza Apostol
Desi Bailey
Sharon Bick
Nancy Boyle
Christine Carter
Sue Driscoll
Sarah Elliott
Carol Feng
Kathy Fier
Karen Gutekunst
Lauraine Harper
Kris Hoffman
Barbara Jackson
Karen Koch
Linda Kueny
Pamela Langdon
Sharon Miller
Monica Olivia
Barbara Orr
Nikki Pecorino
Kim Phipps
Donna Plack
Karen Roche
Nancy Rogers
Barbara Rund
Verna Rutledge
Janet Seery
Catherine Steel
Barbara Stevens
Joni Ward
Susan Weiss
Pamela Yelnick

2020 New Members

Leoni Carew
Linda Delaney