It’s time to renew your GHIN membership for the 2021 season. Please be sure you have an active email in order to continue posting scores. 


With each LPGA Amateurs Membership, you receive a complimentary GolfNet handicap. You are able to post scores through your LPGA Amateurs Member Clubhouse. 

The LPGA Amateurs Denver Chapter provides the opportunity to hold your GHIN number through the chapter as your ‘home course’ if you do not have one. If you play in a league that includes your GHIN number, you do not need to keep your GHIN number through the chapter (UNLESS you are participating in the Denver A-Team for LPGA Amateurs)

If you are RENEWING your GHIN, please be sure to provide your GHIN number along with your email address in the link below. 

If you are REGISTERING for a GHIN for the first time, you will be assigned a number.If you are planning to participate in any CGA events, Denver A-Team, or any event that requires a GHIN number, you will want to register for one. This handicap will be accepted WORLD WIDE. The new GHIN app allows you to keep score and stats during your round. This is a great way to see how you improve throughout the season! 
Colorado score posting season is March 15-November 14.

Alicia Bakken (email)