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  • Mountain Golf was a blast!

  • LPGA Amateurs Denver Chapter will attempt to repeat as "A Team" champions!
    On Monday August 7th the members of the LPGA Amateurs Denver Chapter will compete for the final event of the "A Team" series of tournaments.  The A Team is a summer long tournament between the top 6 players of golf course leagues in the Greater Denver Metro Area (GDMA).  The GDMA "A Team" tournament has been held since the 1950's. Currently the competing golf leagues are :  Broken Tee, Fox Hollow, LPGA Amateurs, Saddle Rock, South Suburban, Wellshire and West Woods.  Our final match will be against Wellshire and we will play at Saddle Rock. It's coming down to the wire - we are 2 and a 1/2 points ahead of West Woods for the Low Gross Championship going into the last match.  The A team is captained by Karli Hayes and the golfers who play on our team are: Kristy Calvin, Kelly Clark, Kristin Chasey, Kelli Daniels, Jennifer Feliciano, Karli Hayes (Captain),  Susan Horton, Molly Huntsman (co-captain), Melanie Lunsford,  Erin (Mickey) McDonough, Brittany O'Brian, Mary Riddell, Claire Sullivan, Eileen Strong, Kaylie Titus, Laura Vargas, and Jill Wilcox. We want to keep the trophy for another year because it is really cool!  

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