Message from Gina Acri, Golf's Golf Site Director:

As Site Director for Girls Golf at Tashua Knolls Golf Course, we are pleased to announce that the Girls Golf program received a participation grant from LPGA in the amount of $2,750. In addition to the grant money we were able to donate an additional $415 raised during our golf outing this year. 
We had approximately 110 girls ages 5 - 17 participate over a 16 week period Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from Spring to mid Summer.
I would like to thank Rhea Adler, Marianne Elliot and Lisa Longwell for helping me with checking in the girls each session, distributing Girls Golf goodie bags and assisting the coaches with the training.
This is a growing program nationwide and LPGA is very focused on supporting and promoting it for the future of women’s golf. Bobby Brown PGA director of golf at Tashua Knolls is looking to double our participants to 200 in 2022 and therefore, I would urge you all to volunteer for at least one session during the season to understand how valuable this program is to the future of women’s golf. I promise you sharing the excitement during the training sessions with the girls is very rewarding.

- Gina Acri