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  • 2022 Board of Directors

    The 2022 LPGA Amateurs DC Chapter Board of Directors are:

     President  Diane Gronewold 
     Golf Events Director   Katrina Jones
     Finance Director  Esther Tso
     Marketing Director  Nagi Mei
     Membership Director  Lynne Leith
     Communications Director    Bev Ashcraft

  • Chapter Handicap Service Registration

    VSGA Membership (optional)

    In 2020, LPGA Amateurs converted its handicap system to use the World Handicap System.  Members of US chapters of LPGA Amateurs have a handicap through GolfNet included with their membership at no additional cost.

    The DC Metro Chapter also offers a Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA) membership that also includes a handicap service.  The cost for VSGA membership is $36 per calendar year.  The VSGA membership allows you to participate in VSGA events at golf courses all over Virginia, have access to VSGA discounts, and includes all other benefits of VSGA membership.

    You should only sign up for a VSGA membership if you wish to participate in VSGA events and enjoy the discounts and other benefits they provide.  VSGA Membership is completely optional and not required. If you are already using the GolfNet handicap system and wish to continue to do so, you do NOT need to pay for a VSGA membership.  

    Read our VSGA GHIN Handicap FAQs. 

    Register for VSGA Membership (optional).

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