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  • Chapter Handicap Service Registration

    Due to changes made in 2021 as part of the World Handicap System, LPGA Amateurs is no longer able to offer a handicap service.  All handicaps must now be issued through a state or regional Allied Golf Association (AGA).

    To continue to maintain a handicap, LPGA Amateurs members have the following options:

    • Maintain a handicap through a golf club membership, or sign up for the handicap service through a local golf course
    • Join an eClub associated with the Virginia State Golf Association (VSGA) or the Maryland State Golf Association (MSGA)
    • Join the VSGA eClub formed by the Washington DC Metro Chapter

    The Washington DC Metro Chapter formed an eClub through the VSGA in 2020.  The cost is  $36.00 per calendar year, and you must sign up through the Chapter website.  Maintaining your handicap through the Chapter eClub provides the following benefits:

    • All benefits of being a VSGA member are available to you.  These benefits include:
      • VSGA Tournament Eligibility
      • Access to VSGA One-Day Events
      • Virginia Golfer magazine and a complimentary subscription to Golf Digest
      • MyVSGA App for posting scores
      • Rules Education Opportunities
      • Hole-In-One Recognition
      • Exclusive Deals & Discounts
    • The Washington DC Metro Chapter Handicap Chair (Mary Ann Graham) can edit your score to make corrections and help with any issues you may have.
    • The Virginia golf season is year-round, so you may post scores from rounds played at courses in Virginia, or any state that maintains a year-round schedule, at any time.  Maryland maintains a seasonal schedule, with the active period between March 15 and November 14.

    You do NOT need to live in Virginia to become a member of the DC Metro VSGA eClub.  

    For more information about the VSGA and handicaps, look under the ‘Education’ tab for ‘ Handicap

  • Information from the December 2022 Sips and Tips with Mark Diley

    If you missed the December 2022 Sips and Tips with Mark Diley, checkout the recording of the session.
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