Boise Chapter
Chapter News & Announcements
  • To be able to compete in the Chapter Championship that is coming up in July. Everyone must have an official GHIN Handicap. To get a GHIN you will need to click this link. Fill out the form saying that you are a member with the LPGA AGA Boise Chapter. The total fee for a GHIN is $39. You will need to record 5 rounds of golf for a handicap to be created.
  • Ladies here is the link to register for all the upcoming social and golfing events. Click Here for the calendar. We have 2 free social events coming up this month please join us.
  • The early registration is open for the Kick-Off Brunch!!! We will be raffling a $100 gift card to Wide World of Golf for all the members who register before March 12!!! Get registered and we will see you at SpurWing!!!!