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  • First Tee Fundraiser a Success!

    LPGA Amateur Golf Association Louisville Region members Mixed and Mingled and gave generously to The First Tee of Louisville on Thursday, August 10 during an event at Captian's Quarters. Attendees contributed to the 50/50 Raffle, played Heads/Tails, bid on auction items, contributed bags of golf equipment.Kathy and D'Shawn

    At the end of the evening, Event Organizer Kathy Latham was able to present First Tee Executive Director D'Shawn Johnson with a check for $635 and a $150 sponsorship for their Ladies of the Links Golf Scramble. A foursome also committed to play in that event. 

    Fifteen golf bags, dozens of clubs and hundreds of tees and golf balls and other equipment were donated.Equipment

    The mission of The First Tee is providing educational programs and affordable facilities that build character, instill positive life skills and promote healthy choices through the game of golf. Learn more about The First Tee of Louisville.

  • President's Tee Box

    photo-chelseyDear LPGA Amateur Golf Association Members and Friends,

    Our last after work league has begun. The summer has gone by too quickly! We will be offering a Weekday League in the fall for those who have time to play during the day.
    We've suffered through some seriously high temperatures during the past few weeks, but it isn't too late to remind you of some key safety tips for the golf course.
    • Hydrate - golf is a physically demanding sport whether walking or riding. Golfers need to hydrate regularly. Of course, water is best but certain energy drinks can provide hydration as well as electrolytes and salt. Try to drink some water at the beginning of every hole.
    • Sun Protection - try to cover as much of your skin as possible. When you use sunscreen, don't wait until you get on the course to apply it. In order for sunscreen to be effective it needs to be applied at least 30 minutes before going out in the sun and reapply every two hours. Wear a hat and sunglasses.
    • Be Aware of What's Around You - make sure the area around you is clear when preparing to swing. Yell "Fore" when your ball goes in a direction you didn't plan and toward people. Wait until the group ahead of you has finished the hole or is out of range before your group hits. Hitting into a group is not only dangerous - it's rude! Check your surroundings when hitting out of the rough. Any hidden roots? Any branches you can hit with your club?
    • Lighting - while being stuck by lightning is pretty rare, you don't want to be that person who gets hit because you don't believe it could happen to you. Lightning kills you by disrupting your heart's rythm causing cardiac arrest. It can also cook your brain, resulting in death, seizures, respiratory arrest or paralysis. Even if you survived, getting hit by lightning can be incredibly painful. One victim recalled it as "the pain of a thousand wasps stinging from within."
    • Stretch - we all know it is easy to pull a muscle while golfing. Swinging a golf club involves muscles from your neck and shoulders to your feet and toes. Stretching those muscles before starting your round will help you stay loose and and reduce the chance of injury.
    Let's be careful out there!
    Chelsey Minch
    LPGA Amateur Golf Association Louisville Region