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  • Gale Gates

    It is with a heavy heart that we share sad news, the passing of Gale Gates. Gale served on the board for many years. She will be remembered as a great friend, loving wife & mother, and a fabulous golfer. Mass Live Obituary


  • Membership Drive 2022

    Congratulations to this year's winner, Ela Soja!

  • Holiday Brunch

    Thank you to our Chapter President, Linda, for hosting a lovely Holiday Brunch. It was wonderful to reconnect after our local golf season had ended, and a fun way to cap off 2021. We look forward to more gatherings in the new year!

  • Etiquette

    Etiquette review from our Kick-Off night at Chicopee:

    Grasping all of the do's and don'ts of golf takes time.
    This list is a great start to get you feeling comfortable about the general golf rules on any given course.

    Play at a reasonable pace. 
    Repair ball marks, replace divots, rake bunkers.
    Have the player who is farthest from the pin hit first.
    Let the winner of the previous hole tee off first at the next tee...
    ...unless your group has agreed to play "ready golf" in which case whoever is ready can tee off.
    Respect the rules and regulations of the course that you are playing.


    Move or talk while someone in your group is hitting the ball (or about to hit).
    Ask your opponent what club she hit.
    Walk across the line of another player's putt on the green.
    Hit your shot until the group in front of you is well out of range.
    Ever play when lightning is in the area.
    Hold up other players.

  • Bunker Relief
    Bunker Relief

    When bunker rakes are not provided due to Covid-19 precautions, you can get relief. Read about the rules, and take a look at the diagram here.


  • Handicap

    World Handicap System

    To review what you need to know about the new World Handicap System, read this article from the LPGA Women's Network website.

    Learn how to activate Golfnet and record your scores here.
    If you are using a mobile device (phone or tablet), use these directions instead.

    To find out more about your Handicap, please click on the link in your member clubhouse or visit  


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