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  • June Thoughts From Terri

    Peaceful greetings to all of you women golfers and friends.

    Here we are in June.  We see the fairways become beautiful and fun to hit the ball off of...putting becomes easier as greens heal from the rains, and we spend time together as friends who share this in common...we love golf so we play.  

    We are growing as a chapter, in numbers and in thought.  Find a new member and ask if they would like to play.  

    Our leagues are doing well and we are having fun playing. Make sure you look at all of the choices for the week and sign up.

    As we strive for lower scores, to connect wih the ball and drain a 20 footer let us do it in fun.  May we play our very best, will being our very best.  May our words be kind, uplifting and empowering.  May we smile and cheer as others play very well, while we might toss a ball left and right...Please play well with others and be kind in your thoughts.  

    Time is precious, let us be that to each other.

    So, Help those around you that may need a hand...share in a smile, give love and kindness freely and be proud to be a part of this wonderful group of women in the Knoxville Chapter of the LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

    Our monthly tournaments are going great.  Katie is doing a superb job at bringing us together for a fun day of golf and friendship.  Our June tournament is coming up on the 18th of the month...keep an eye out for the sign up.

    Linda is busy with lots of great classes.  The next class is a  CLINIC - SAND SHOTS Tuesday  June  14th 5:30-6:30INSTRUCTOR : Clint Scrugs WHERE: Gettysvue Country Club
    sign up available on our website.

    Lori has been great with welcoming all of our new members and getting them acquainted with everything.  If you know anyone wanting to be a part of our fun...give Lori a call.

    Peggy has been very busy getting our communications all up to date and keeping us informed of new happenings within the LPGA Amateurs.  Peggy is also working to keep our website up to date. 

    Kathy has been getting the financial ascpects of the league turned into a super convieniant way of paying for all of our events and taking in money.  

    I want to thank everyone of the board members for helping to make the chapter run smoothe, being there for me and the members, and creating new ways of being involved in golf....thank you all.  I appreciate you all.

    Have a great day, see you on the course as we have some fun with the little round ball.


    be of peace...pass it on.

    Terri Korom, President

    LPGA Amateurs Golf Association - Greater Knoxville Chapter

  • Now Is The Time To Get Your Friends Involved!
    Now Is The Time To Get Your Friends Involved!

    Before the golf season gets into full swing, please encourage your golfing friends/co-workers/opponents to join us.  2022 is going to be an amazing year and word of mouth is the best way for us to share the news. 

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