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  • 2023 Girlfriend Golf Information


    New Year, New Name!

    We have changed the name of our Evening Leagues to Girlfriend Golf.  All skill levels are invited!  Come join us if you are in the area.


    MONDAYS -  We will return to Hermann Park on April 10 and will play on the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month.  We usually play nine holes and enjoy some fun contests with prizes followed by dinner.  Please contact Mitzi Levine to be placed on the email list.

    Hermann Park
    6201 Hermann Park Drive, Houston, TX  77030
    2nd and 4th Mondays - 5 pm
    Starting April 10
    Contact Mitzi Levine



    TUESDAYS - Play at Timber Creek will begin on Tuesday, April 4.  We will play every Tuesday through September at 5:00 pm.  Enjoy 9 holes of golf and socialization afterward.  Please contact Chris Fowler to be added to the email list.

    Timber Creek
    4554 FM 2351, Friendswood, TX  77546 - near I45 and Beltway 8 South
    Tuesdays - 5 pm
    Starting April 4



    NEW!!  TUESDAYS - A new evening play day will be tested out at Gleannloch Pines beginning on Tuesday, March 21.  We typically play on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month so join us for nine holes of golf and fun! - Contact  Fran Cohn  for more information.
    Signup for the Tuesday Gleannloch is available online here.

    Gleannloch Pines
    19393 Champion Forest Drive, Spring, TX  77379
    1st and 3rd Tuesdays - 5 pm
    Starting March 21
    Special Twilight Rate of $35

    Contact Fran Cohn

    Signup online -Gleannloch Girlfriend Golf




    WEDNESDAYS - This popular evening play day returns to Jersey Meadow weekly starting April 5.  Please email Melissa Gravett if you are interested in playing.  

    Jersey Meadow
    8563 Rio Grande Drive, Houston, TX  77040
    Wednesdays - 5 pm
    Starting April 4



    NEW!!  THURSDAYS - Another new evening Girlfriend Golf Day will be held on Thursdays at Clear Creek starting April 6.  Located in Tom Bass park, this links style course has wide fairways, but still presents a challenge for all skill levels.  Email Leslie Sosebee to get on the mailing list.

    Clear Creek
    3902 Fellows Road, Houston, TX  77047
    Thursdays - 5:10 pm
    Starting April 6
    Twilight green fee - $28
    Contact Leslie Sosebee

    Signup online at Clear Creek Girlfriend Golf


  • Golf Rules and Handicaps

    Do I want, need or care about a golf handicap?

    Maybe. Probably. Definitely. There’s lots of good reasons to have a handicap.

    • It allows you to play the game on an even playing field with other golfers of any ability.
    • It should you how your game is improving over time.
    • It allows you to enter competitions. (even some of the really fun tournaments require a handicap)
    • You have an answer to “So, what’s your handicap?”

    If you don’t already have a handicap, you can get one through the LPGA Amateurs Houston Chapter. It’s only $26 per year and comes with a Texas Golf Association membership. Click here to sign up.

    If you already have a handicap and want to switch to LPGA Amateurs Houston managing your account. Go to the link above and sign up with your current GHIN number. All of the information will transfer over.

    Have questions? Email Shon Bower at

    2023 Rules Update

    As we start our 2023 golfing season, we wanted to remind you of some of the new USGA rule changes that you will find useful. Check out the graphic and let us know if you have questions.

    You can always visit for short videos and more information.


     Download the App!

    Have a rules question mid-round? The easiest way to find the answer is in the USGA Rules of Golf App. Just download the app onto your phone. Use the search bar in the app to find your topic.

    You can also select “Latest” in the tool bar for videos and other recent rules news.


    What the &^#* is the Nearest Point of Complete Relief?

    Video Link:

    The nearest point of complete relief is used for taking free relief from an abnormal course condition, a dangerous animal condition, a wrong green or a no play zone. It is the estimated point where the ball would lie that is nearest to the ball’s original spot, not closer to the hole than that spot, in the required area of the course, and in a position where the condition you are taking relief from doesn’t interfere with the stroke you would have made from the original spot if the condition was not there (see Definition of Nearest Point of Complete Relief).

    Check out Rule 16 if you want a detailed explanation of Relief from Abnormal Course Conditions (Including Immovable Obstructions), Dangerous Animal Conditions, and Embedded Balls.

    And…. keep in mind, your nearest point of complete relief may not be in a spot you’re happy with. Pick your poison carefully!

    Happy golfing!


    Can I move this branch or bush or alligator to hit my shot? 

    We’ve all had it happen. Our perfectly hit shot lands under a tree or near a bush. So what happens now? You have a few options:

    1. Play it as it lies. This video shows you what is and isn’t allowed. Playing the course as you find it.
    2. You can take an Unplayable Ball. This video shows you how to take relief.

  • 2023 Lone Star Cup Information

    The Houston Lone Star Cup Team is Heading to Louisiana This Year!


    The 2023 Lone Star Cup (LSC) will be played September 14-16 at The Island Course in Plaquemine, LA, just 14 miles south of Baton Rouge. The Lone Star Cup is a two-day, Match Play competition with teams from LPGA Amateurs chapters across Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Each chapter’s team is made up of 12 players representing a wide range of handicap levels. The event also includes a practice round, Welcome Dinner, Awards Luncheon and Hospitality Suite where players renew old friendships and create new ones!

    Our members that have registered have begun playing their try out matches.  After all of the try out matches are completed, our captain Misty Rowe, and Co-captains, Sofia Campbell and Fran Cohn, will be determining who makes the 12-woman team. We’re excited to see you on the course and let's bring the Lone Star Cup back to Houston in 2023!

  • New Member Resource - Sign up for GHIN Number with LPGA Amateurs Houston Chapter

    Sign up to obtain a Handicap Index® issued via the Texas Golf Association and the GHIN® service and via your LPGA Amateur GA, Houston Chapter. Pay $26 online with MasterCard, Visa or Amex, membership good for 2022. Click on the link below or copy and paste this link into your browser:



    PART 1: Fill out the online form.

    The first question asked is, “Have you ever had a GHIN number” and hit on the “YES” button, input your existing Golfnet # (because GHIN can now use that same number) or GHIN # and complete the application form, input in your credit card info, etc. On that next page, be sure to check the box to “auto renew”….you can always opt out before the renewal hits. Also be sure to hit the “I am not a robot” so that the transaction will process.


    NOTE: If you have never had a GHIN #, and never had a Golfnet #, then you need to hit the “NO” button. The OJR system will automatically assign you with a new TGA/GHIN #.


    PART 2: Check your email.

    The automated system will then send you an email, advising your TGA/GHIN # has been issued via the LPGA Amateur GA, Houston Chapter (be sure to check your Spam/Junk folder for the email).  You will take it with you when you move from club to club or even state to state. You will use that TGA/GHIN # to register for TGA or USGA events, to post scores online via  OR via your smart phone and GHIN’s free mobile app (go to iTunes Apple or Google Play stores).


    PART 3: Set up your profile.

    You will also receive an email from USGA/GHIN inviting you to create a Digital Profile/Password. Open that email, click on the unique url/link in the body of the message, follow the steps to create a DP/PW. Once completed, use that PW to sign into or the GHIN mobile app to post scores online.



    -You can play different golf courses and can post all “acceptable scores.” An acceptable score is: one made while following the Rules of Golf, and the golf course played must have a USGA/WHS Course Rating/Slope--select the course from the drop down listing in GHIN.

    -NOTE: Since LPGA Amateur GA, Houston Chapter is a “virtual” club, note that you will have no “home course” per se and when posting scores, be sure to select score types either “A” for Away or “C” for Competition.

    -And we recommend you post ASAP following play (or at the very least before 11: 59 pm that same day).

    -Post them Hole-by-Hole. GHIN provides you with some pretty cool stats, too, if you post scores HBH, and of course, the more scores posted, the more accurate your HI will be.

    -If you have played recently and have been holding onto some scores, then it would have been appropriate to get those posted--just be sure to input the “Date Played” not the current date.

    -NOTE: Handicaps are revised/recalculated only after a score has been posted after 11:59 pm central time, during the wee hours of the night. So every time you post a score, your HI changes only after revised/recalculated overnight.


    And just an added benefit: With your TGA Membership, you gain a ton of cool benefits, including travel savings of up to 70%  on your next trip. As part of the TGA Member Rewards program, you will also receive major discounts on sporting event tickets, amusement parks, movie tickets and much more. Finally, you are also now eligible to play golf in TGA events like our Fun Golf Series for recreational golfers!  

    Welcome to the TGA/GHIN and best wishes on the links!