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Explanation on how to register under Golf Genius for Weekend Events

Additional Information and Descriptions about the Events 

What are the Weekend Events all about?

The events on the weekends are for members who chose to participate in exploring what our region has to offer. Enjoy multiple golf courses in a group outing with other members. The Chapter arranges a certain number of tee times and sets up the ability to register for participation. Once the tickets are sold out, there is a wait list. These events are not tournament events but will likely have a Game of the Day with prizes awarded and an occasional format of play for example, ABCD or Match Play or Scramble at select weekend courses. Occasionally we will have a shotgun start. They will be advertised as such when the event opens for registration. All other Weekend Events will be assigned tee times. For those who feel comfortable to participate (with regards to Covid-19), some players will gather to socialize afterwards at the 19th Hole. There is no arranged lunch as part of the participation. There we can swap stories and catch up with each other, and it is a great time to meet new friends as well. 

We plan to continue to give our members the option for individual stroke play or scramble at the time of registration. See the above links for information on that new process for registration.

  • Scramble format involves 2 or 4-person teams where each player on the team hits a tee shot, and then the players decide which shot they like the best. The 2 or 4 players then all play from that spot. The person whose shot was not taken picks up their ball and moves it to within one club length of the selected spot.
  • In regular individual stroke play, you need to hole out on every hole. Each hole score for every hole in the round is added up to calculate your final score. There is another form of stroke play called maximum score. The maximum score for each hole is set by the committee running the event or the World Handicap System (WHS).
  • ABCD format offered at some limited events - refers to a 4-person team grouping (assigned by the Golf Genius) where the A player has the lowest handicap in the grouping, while the D player has the highest. ... Each player on the team plays his or her own golf ball throughout the round. This is a Net Scoring event. 

The registration process will set up the tee time pairings. The point of this process is to encourage mixing of the players so people can meet one another. There will be a note section during the registration process for comments to the event organizer if you want to play the scramble format with a particular person. Requests can be made but not guaranteed. Games of the Day will be announced at the time of the event like fewest putts, most fairways hit, throw away scores, or add up scores on all Par 3s, etc. and prizes given. Your Course Captain for the day will have that information.

As you recall in years past sign up can happen fast, so do not delay in registering when the Registration opens.

If you have decided to be a Course Captain for an event... email now and commit to participation on that date or at a minimum of 48 hours before registration opens. This is so the events team can respond with instructions. Then register for the event at the time it opens to all.

Bring your smiles, your jokes, your birdie juice and be ready for fun in the sun. Friends that Play together, Stay together.

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