Fort Wayne Chapter
Chapter Leagues

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May 13 - Jul 1.   First 8 week session.  Signup by May 6.
Jul 8 - Aug 26.   Second 8 week session.  Signup by Jul 1.


May 8.    First night!!!  Shotgun Scramble @ 5:30
May 15.  First night of "regular league"
May 22.  Regular League
May 29.  Regular League
Jun 5.     Regular League
Jun 12.   Regular League
Jun 19.   Regular League


May 2.    First night!!!  Shotgun Scramble @ 5:30
May 9.    First night of "regular league"
May 16.  Girl Scouts Night
May 23.  Regular League Shotgun @ 5:30
May 30.  Regular League
Jun 6.     Regular League
Jun 13.    Regular League
June 20.  Regular League Shotgun 5:30

There is a one-time $15 League Fee.  Please pay the first time you play in league (pay only once even if you play in multiple leagues).  This goes towards end of year banquets.  

Monday at Chestnut Hills is a competitive league

Same two person teams for eight weeks.
After the first night, nine hole handicaps will be determined by the league scores only and will be calculated on a weekly basis.
There will be a league meeting the first night at 5:30 pm to cover scoring.
There will be an optional $10 payment for two closest to the pins each week for eight weeks. Winners will be paid at the Chestnut Banquet.
SUBS - must have an established handicap. If you can't play and can't find a sub that is a loss of points. Your partner can still play.
Scorecards will be marked each week with the handicaps and the holes marked where strokes are received. Turn these in to the clubhouse after your round.
The amount of strokes one player has to give the other is 80% of their average. So let's say player A on one teams average is 38 and player A on the other teams is 44 the actual difference is 6 strokes, but they only get 80% of that which is 4 strokes. This is the same with team total.
Standings will posted on the event portal weekly. 

Wednesdays at Autumn Ridge & Thursday at Chestnut Hills are our fun leagues

  • Whether you are just learning to play or are a seasoned player, this league is the one for you
  • Each week, if you want to play golf, all you have to do is sign up online by 7pm the night before
  • The formats for the week will be posted on the sign up site. On the day of play, check back on the site to see who you will be playing with and your tee time.
  • Each week you will have different playing partners, so everyone can get to know each other!
  • This is a "Play when you can league", no commitments necessary.