About Us

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association Phoenix Metro Chapter is a local chapter (led by local leaders like you) & embraces the national LPGA association's goals and ideals. The goal of all our events is to introduce the Valley's female golfers to the new LPGA Amateur Golf Association and provide opportunities for members to develop their golf game, make new friends, play great golf and, most of all, have fun!

Our Phoenix Chapter Beginnings!

It's important to introduce the women who made the Phoenix Metro LPGA Amateur  Golf Association chapter possible. The founding members include:

Jeri Buchtel
Naomi Buerkle
Stephanie Hoffman
Jean Ann Morris 
Jeannine Harper 
Andrea Osterkorn  

Andrea Osterkorn had been looking for a league to join and wanted one 'where fun could be had without having a 6-hour round of golf'! The need for brevity coupled with a passion to play golf  with like minded, avid, female golfers spurred the formation of the local LPGA Amateur Golf Association chapter by every one of our founding members.

Like any successful endeavor, nothing ever has a straight line to success;  it is always filled with twists and turns beforehand, and it was no different for this fledgling group of avid women golfers. 

It would take the better part of a year before the first board meeting could take place and that was only possible after Andrea Osterkorn courageously agreed, at their last meeting to take on the role of the chapter's first president and, after that, everything started coming together. 

Any organizational success hinges on great leadership and all our founding members come from strong professional careers making each one uniquely qualified for the role of president. But being recently retired,  Andrea found herself saying 'yes' and our local chapter was born

Now the association's first kickoff event is scheduled the word is finally getting out, and membership has begun growing!

The current roster of board members for the local LPGA Amateur Phoenix Metro chapter include: 

Naomi Buerkle
Lindy Kueny 
 Elizabeth Lipke
Jean Ann Morris
Andrea Osterkorn

Some of the founding members continue to join in the board  meetings in an unofficial 'consulting' capacity offering their expertise, experience and participating whenever needed.

You will likely find all of the
current board members and most of the founding members in attendance at our events. They will be
there to make sure everyone attending learns more about the local chapter and the
national association.  Mostly, they’ll be there to make sure you all have a fun-filled day of golf, make new friends and consider becoming a member. We want you to feel welcomed!

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