Volunteers are the life blood of any member organization or association. LPGA Amateur Golf Association Phoenix Metro Chapter is no exception. If you want a vibrant chapter, you need to be involved. Here are some ways for you to do that.

Board Nominations are now being accepted! These are the positions open this year. Terms begin November 1.


The President’s primary role is overseeing the general Chapter operations. She is as the viewed as the representative and spokesperson of the Board and members – internally and externally. Being a positive role model is an important trait for this position. 

The President is the Chapter’s main contact person for the Chapter Development Specialist and other LPGA Amateur Association Corporate Staff members. 

She leads the development of the vision for the chapter and executes via delegation to Board members and other volunteers.  She encourages and assists Directors in creating teams of helpers to assist with their tasks.

 Specific responsibilities include:

  • Facilitates Chapter Board meetings and creates a positive and productive Board environment.  Creates, distributes and maintains meeting minutes.
  • Ensures that Chapter meets all LPGA Amateur Golf Association requirements and Minimum Standards
  • Understands and supports the ‘big picture’ and the strategic direction of the organization locally and nationally
  • Completes / participates in tasks if Directors not available (i.e., Website, Handicap, Newsletter, Events, etc.)
  • Acts as secondary financial resource / authority supporting the Finance Director.
  • Acts as Handicap Chair in the absence of a volunteer for this function.


The Finance and Records Director oversees the development and monitoring of the Chapter budget. If the Treasurer role is assigned to another person on the team, the Director should oversee the accounting processes to ensure the Chapter is following the appropriate financial management policies and complying with financial controls. The Finance Director is responsible for monitoring the financial health of the Chapter and presenting monthly financial reports to the Chapter Board.

The Finance and Records Director position manages the following:

  • Filing of required Chapter Minimum Standards with LPGA HQ
  • Compliance with Chapter and Association Policies
  • Financial Oversight
    o Maintains Chapter Bank Account(s) and investment accounts
    o Develop / Monitor Budget
    o Year End Financials
    o Tax Returns
  • Business Requirements
    o Tax Exempt Status
    o Incorporation Status
    o Insurance
  • Chapter Master Calendar
  • Meeting Minutes 

The Director is responsible for organizing an Audit Committee of 3-5 members to review Chapter finances annually. The Finance and Records Director is responsible for taking Board meeting minutes. (Note - taking Board minutes can be delegated to a scribe who is not a member of the board and who would not participate in discussions or decisions. The scribe attends Board meetings solely for taking minutes and must agree to strict confidentiality.)

The Finance and Records Director ensures that all required Chapter Minimum Standards are submitted to LPGA Headquarters. They also ensure that other key business items are submitted and remain current, such as the Annual Tax Filing with the IRS, incorporation status with the State, insurance policies and tax-exempt status. The maintaining of other pertinent Chapter records is also under this team’s purview.


The Golf and Events team creates and implements the Chapter’s golf and event programming for the year. Developing a well-rounded calendar of golf, social and networking events keeps current members engaged and has the potential to interest a variety of new members. The Golf and Events Director should consider Chapter demographics when developing the Golf and events schedule. Such consideration should include the timing, playing levels and variety of events.

Overseeing the handicap system along with Golf education programs, rules, etiquette and handicap education, is also a responsibility of the Golf and Events team. The Team also promotes and organizes events such as the Chapter Championship, Charity Events, and Inter-Chapter Events. Golf and Events should also work with the Membership team to organize a golf mentor program at the Chapter level.

Manage and oversee those who contribute to the organization, promotion & hosting of:
• Golf Activities: golf-related events, leagues, golf education
• Non-Golf Activities: Social and networking groups and other events
• Special Events
• Charity Events
• Inter-Chapter Events
• Chapter Championship
• Champions Cup
• Handicap System
• Rules, Etiquette & Handicap Education
• Chapter Events Calendar
• Golf Mentoring Program


The tasks of this role focus on supporting the ongoing external communications and marketing of the Chapter.

They model and ensure that the Chapter Directors follow the LPGA Amateurs Branding Guidelines in all forms of communications. They handle internal and public communications including:

  • Chapter website timely updates with current information and event postings.
    • Oversee the volunteer who creates events within Golf Genius then posts the link to the website
  • Designs and coordinates newsletters / special announcement emails.  Requests information from Directors for selected topics, oversees development of content within Mail Chimp  and distributes newsletter. 
    • Maintains up-to-date email addresses for distribution within Mail Chimp.
    • Oversee the volunteer who inputs data and designs Mail Chimp formats. 
  • Manages all social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn).
  • Maintains / orders marketing materials as needed by Directors (brochures, rack cards, business cards, etc.)

The Communications and Marketing Director also oversees the sponsorship and partnership of local businesses with the Chapter to provide tangible benefits for the members of the Chapter.

One of the great things about the Communication role is that there is a lot of flexibility for volunteers to work on tasks as most of the work can be accomplished with email messages between Board members, LPGA Amateurs Staff members and having online access to the software platforms. 

Other positions that the chapter would benefit from include:

Handicap Chair

Are you passionate about helping our Chapter members maintain a handicap index?   Takes little time but helps a ton!  Contact   Elizabeth Lipke

Event Captains
Would you be able to captain a weekend 18-hole event? Captains take care of event check-in, plan on-course games, collect a few prizes for opportunity drawings and host the after-golf social. Interested? Contact 
Lindy Kueny

Course Contacts
Do you have relationships with your local golf club? If you know the golf pro at your favorite course, introduce us and we will set up a round. Contact Lindy Kueny

Social Media Mavens
Are you comfortable with building social media posts? Like taking pictures at events on your phone? We need you to help us post good things to our social media to boost our online presence and attract more followers. Contact Elizabeth Lipke

Want to volunteer at a golf tournament? Check out this list of 2022 events HERE


Chapter Sponsors & Partners