LPGA Amateurs Handicap Member Benefit

2023 GHIN Handicap Renewal

 If you keep your GHIN handicap with LPGA Amateurs

 If you have your GHIN Handicap with LPGA Amateurs through AGA (Arizona Golf Association) please make sure you renew your membership annually so you can continue to post your scores.

GO TO: https://www.azgolf.org/join-the-arizona-golf-association/join/?cid=8829

  1. Click "renew" on the top banner bar menu
  2. Click "Renew Now!" for $45
  3. Answer the question and enter your GHIN number
  4. Check the information and hit CONTINUE
  5. Payment info - Purchase


If you have a GHIN handicap with another club...

 You can always continue to use your GHIN from another club.  If you are not an active member of that club, you might want to consider switching your GHIN to our GHIN club.  It's just $36 a year.  

If you have questions about your Handicap, contact Lindy Kueny at eventslpgaamateursphoenix@gmail.com 


Why do I need a Handicap?  Click HERE.
For newcomers and seasoned golfers alike, getting a Handicap Index and understanding it can be one of the great mysteries of golf.  But it doesn’t need to be. Through a series of articles, we will take a look at defining a golf handicap, explaining how it’s calculated, how to establish one, and making it work for you!

What is a Handicap?  Click HERE.
"What's your handicap?"  It's a question often heard when golf is the topic of conversation.  But what is a "handicap"?  Simply put, a golf handicap is a number that tells you how many strokes over par on average that you usually play.  Handicaps are an integral part of the game of golf and allow players of varying ability to compete fairly, whether in a casual golf outing or in a competition.  A handicap can also help a player track their improvement over time.

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