LPGA Amateurs Handicap Member Benefit


Did you know that LPGA Amateurs membership* includes a Handicap account through our provider, GolfNet? This benefit has been offered for many years and has been confirmed for 2021. It’s simple to post your scores from the Member Clubhouse or use the LPGA Amateurs Handicap mobile app (free and available for Android and Apple). If you are unable to access your LPGA Amateurs Handicap account or have any questions about using the GolfNet service, please send an email to 

The Phoenix Metro Chapter will eventually use handicap indexes to play games at our events.  If you are interested in this included service you can set up your account by performing the following steps:

  1. Go to lpgaamateurs.com and click on Sign In (in the upper right corner). This is under the Member Clubhouse link in the upper right on the Phoenix Metro website.

  2. Once you have logged in to the Member Clubhouse, click on the “My Handicap” tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. On the Handicap page, the Post A Score link will take you to the GolfNet Handicap system where you will post your scores.

Step 3 triggers GolfNet to validate your membership and create your account.

Handicap - posting a score

*Members of US Approved Chapters only, excludes Virtual Members


Click HERE.


Want to post your scores real-time?  Load the LPGA Amateurs Handicap app, then set up your account.  Instructions are HERE.


The Phoenix Metro Chapter has been approved by the USGA as a qualified “club” to issue official World Handicap System handicaps through GolfNet. All of our GolfNet users have been issued “GHIN” numbers.  If you currently play in events outside of the Phoenix Chapter, the event Committee will be able to look up your GHIN# through Golf Genius or GolfNet. If you instead choose to maintain a GHIN handicap through another club to take advantage of Arizona GA member benefits, you do not need to also post scores in our GolfNet service.

Please contact lpgaamateursphoenix@gmail.com if you need any help with the set up.


Why do I need a Handicap?  Click HERE.
For newcomers and seasoned golfers alike, getting a Handicap Index and understanding it can be one of the great mysteries of golf.  But it doesn’t need to be. Through a series of articles, we will take a look at defining a golf handicap, explaining how it’s calculated, how to establish one, and making it work for you!

What is a Handicap?  Click HERE.
"What's your handicap?"  It's a question often heard when golf is the topic of conversation.  But what is a "handicap"?  Simply put, a golf handicap is a number that tells you how many strokes over par on average that you usually play.  Handicaps are an integral part of the game of golf and allow players of varying ability to compete fairly, whether in a casual golf outing or in a competition.  A handicap can also help a player track their improvement over time.

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