About Us
Welcome to the LPGA Amateurs Golf Association – Savannah HHI Chapter, where our
members love to golf! We're all about bringing women together, regardless of skill level, to share
in the joy of golf and the camaraderie it brings. Sure, LPGA stands for "Ladies Professional Golf
Association",  but let's make one thing clear: our association is all about having fun and making

connections, whether you're a seasoned pro or a recreational player.

From the charming streets of Savannah to the stunning greens of Hilton Head Island, our chapter
covers a wide range of courses for you to explore and enjoy. And guess what? We golf all year
round, so there's never a dull moment on the fairways with us.
We're all about creating unforgettable experiences both on and off the course. Picture special
events that bring us together, epic golfing trips that take us to new places, and learning programs

designed to sharpen your skills and boost your confidence on the greens.

We’re also big on giving back to our community too! Through fundraising efforts, we proudly 
support local non-profits and make a positive impact beyond the golf course.

We're not just a golf league; we are a golf experience. Here, you won't find any strangers—just
friends you haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. Come join us, tee off with new pals, and let's
make some unforgettable memories together!