Savannah, GA - Hilton Head, SC Chapter
Our Special Challenges & Education Clinics will be scheduled at various times and days. We will focus on the Short Game and Golf Management.  It is comprised of fun golf challenges, clinics and learning, and sometimes a walk-through teaching 6 or 9-hole golf play. 

Big Break Skills Challenge

This skills challenge will be held on the Hilton Head Lakes Par 3 Short course on Wednesdays at 5:30pm throughout the year. Price is $15. Please RSVP to Susan Tymczyszyn at 

The game of golf can be broken down into two elements: the long game and the short game. In the long game, power and distance are usually required so that the player's ball can approach the putting green in as few strokes as possible. In the short game, the skills needed are more finesse-related due to the need for accuracy.  Not everyone has the ability to get to the green in regulation, so the short game becomes very important in avoiding the eights+ on your scorecards.  

Most people think 50 yards in for the short game, but we’ll focus on 82 yards in with three types of challenges:

  1. Hitting from Tee to Green on short holes (65-82 yards, holes 1-3). You start at hole 1 and play like a regular Par 3 (also hole 2 & 3). Your goal here is to try and hit the green in regulation for a two putt to make a par.  Think about your shot (where do want to aim so you are not in trouble if you miss, away from the water, bunkers). If being short is better than going long, don’t use a club that can get you long.  

  2. Chipping Stations from various lies and trouble spots (holes 4, 5 and 6). You can practice until the next group comes.  On hole 4 there are two stations for chipping. At the tee box you will be chipping to the hole 5 green, then you’ll head to the hole 4 green and chip over the bunker. Hole 5 has three chipping stations, two are by the left trees and the third is after the green by the tree.  Hole 6 has 2 chipping stations, one behind the bunker and side it.  

  3. Putting Stations from different areas of the greens (holes 4 and 6). Practice until the next group comes.  The types of stations are from off the green and all angles and distances. Be sure to do these putting stations while you are at that hole doing your chipping. 

All you need to bring is two golf balls, your glove, and your short game clubs (putter, sand and pitching wedge – or a longer iron if you prefer). This is a very short walking course, no carry bags or pull carts needed. Use your Golf Buddy Bag or just carry your three/four clubs. It will take less than an hour to do the challenge, depending on attendance.


Savannah Quarters Golf Club invitation to Wednesday Women’s Wedges and Wine
The Savannah Quarters Golf Club is pleased to invite LPGA Amateur Golf Association members to join Gretchen Mulling, the assistant golf professional at Savannah Quarters Golf Club and the ladies of the SQ club for the Wednesday Women’s Wedges and Wine clinics. The event will feature a wedge clinic with a wine social. $35 per player covers the cost of the clinic and the wine.
Please email Gretchen at to reserve your spot. For more information, call the SQ Golf Club at 912-450-2700.

Crosswind Golf Club, Savannah
We are proud to announce a special partnership  where our members receive a special discount rate for golf lessons.  You can choose from three of their golf professionals: Trey Lamberth, Head Golf Professional, Caleb Simons, Assistant Golf Professional or Clint Colbert, Assistant Golf Professional
Information & Rates.  
Please bring your LPGA Amateur membership card with you.  Group lessons or clinics are also available for LPGA Amateur members, please contact Trey for inquiries.
232 James B. Blackburn Drive, Savannah, GA 31408
(912) 966-1909 •


Lesson 1: Let's Get the Ball Rolling - Putting
Lesson 2: Getting the Ball on the Green - Chipping
Lesson 3: Getting the Ball in the Air - Pitching
Lesson 4: It's All About Connection - Full Swing
Lesson 5: Empowering Your Game - Big Clubs & Bunkers
Lesson 6: Getting Comfortable On-Course - Putting It All Together
To signup for an LPGA Golf 101 Program, please contact the following LPGA professionals:
Krista Dunton @ Berkeley Hall *
Dr. Jean Harris @ Pinecrest *
Nicole Weller @ The Landings


New Golf Rules: Major Changes effective January 1, 2019
As if the rules of golf were ever easy to fully comprehend, the USGA has introduced changes to the Rules of Golf that went into effect January 1, 2019. Don't fret! These rules changes have been noted for helping make the game of golf easier to understand and more fun to play! Golfers at all levels are still trying to grasp the scope and breadth of the rules. There will be, of course, a learning curve, as players get used to and appreciate the 2019 Rules Changes. If you don't have The Official Guide to the Rules of Golf, find a chapter board member to get your free copy.
To learn more about the 2019 rules visit
For a helpful, easy to understand video highlighting the 20 most important rules changes for 2019 visit

Our Chapter Rules Chairperson Berenice Fedder
Sometimes in golf your shot will put you in a situation you aren’t sure what the rule is. Fortunately, one of our chapter members is going to help us all understand the rules better. If Berenice doesn’t know she will find out. So, send her an email describing the situation you were in (including the course and hole if possible) so everyone can learn. We can talk about course etiquette as well (no names will be mentioned). Your Q&A’s will be put in our monthly newsletters and/or posted on our website.  Berenice’s email is


Why Education?
Golf education and player development is a very important part of the golfing experience.  Even if you are not interested in competitions, all golfers should want to improve their knowledge in some way and their golfing skills. This makes the game more enjoyable for you and the ones you are playing with. Although we might not be able to tailor or target the specific needs of every chapter member, we are committed to finding you the best options so you can achieve your goals and increase your knowledge of the game. Please familiarize yourself with these topics with the information sheet. For our chapter, Education will focus on these topics:

Golf Rules
Golf Etiquette
Golf Handicap
Pace of Play
• Golf Lessons & Clinics
Course Management