Madison Chapter
Board of Directors
Get to know your 2019-2020 Board of Directors. We hope to continue the legacy set before us by others and be the Board of Directors you want and need us to be.
Please communicate with us, and let one or more of us know what you like and what you're struggling with in the LPGA Amateur Golf Association Madison Chapter. (Really--that's our job!) We thank you for being a member of our great organization--you're what makes it great!
Please consider volunteering to assist one of the Directors with the various activities to keep our Chapter running! There are many ways to help make your Chapter great --- just ask one of us!
And if you are interested in serving as a Director, please let us know!

President: Danielle Dieringer
Events Director: Briel Kohl (assisted by Taylor Buccelli)
Finance & Records Director: Jean Wells
Education & Leagues Director: Alicia Ripp
Sponsorship Director: Jessica McNaughton 
Communications Director: Lindsey Casper
Membership Director: Rachel Leader 
Past President: Janelle Bogenrief