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Sue Shapcott classes for LPGA Amateurs

Sue Shapcott, PhD, PGA GB&I
Owner: Change Golf Instruction
(608) 695 3382

For the 2022 season Sue is offering 6 one-hour classes that cover swing, chipping & putting, and pitch & sand shots at a discounted price for LPGA members. Reach out to Sue if you are interested in private lessons.

Register here for 2022 classes!


University Ridge - $20

Classes are limited to 10 participants.  

Introduction to Fundamentals - April 28th - Whether it is making just a few more putts or hitting more fairways, bring an extra level of comfort to you while on the golf course. We will go over grip, stance, alignment and body movement.  Whether you're a new golfer, getting back into it or just a refresher, something for everyone.  - Register here

Chipping & Putting - May 5th- Gain confidence and accuracy in your approach to the green.  You can reduce your score greatly with your short game. -   Register here

Full Swing - May 12th - This week will focus on full swings with drivers and irons with an emphasis on consistent ball striking.  Register here

Bunker Play & Putting- May 19th - Learn how to get yourself out of the sand with confidence as well as how to read and gauge accurate putts.  -  Register here


LPGA Amateur Golf Association -Madison has dedicated board members to help you understand and establish your handicap. Questions should be directed to Ginger Zimmerman at or Jeanne Whitish at   

Why should I establish a handicap rating?

  • A handicap index allows all golfers, no matter what level, the opportunity to compete in a fair match at any golf course.
  • LPGA Amateur Golf Association offers myriad opportunities to play golf for pleasure and competitively. Any member who would like to compete in a LPGA Amateur Golf Association event must have a handicap. 
  • Beyond competing, your handicap is a way for you to track improvements in your golf game.

How do I establish a handicap?

To start, you need to post your scores. You should post scores (both league and non-league). You can post 9 hole scores, as well as 18 hole scores. For every two 9 hole scores you post, they will be combined together to form one 18 hole score.

You are responsible for entering your own scores on the LPGA Amateur Golf Association website. You will need to know and enter the following information:

  1. Your e-mail address
  2. Your password (if registering for the 1st time, use Password1)
  3. The date of play
  4. The golf course you played
  5. The set of tees you played from
  6. If you played nine holes, did you play the front or back?
  7. The USGA Course Rating and USGA Slope rating of the course played (this will be on the scorecard and based on the set of tees you played and should automatically appear with the course name).
  8. Your adjusted gross score (see adjusting scores below)

The USGA has modified the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) procedure for those who play to a course handicap of 9 or less. ESC sets a maximum number that you can post on any hole depending on your course Handicap. ESC is only used when the actual or most likely score exceeds the maximum number based on the table below.

Your Course Handicap
9 or less
10 through 19
20 through 29
30 through 39
40 and above

Max Strokes per Hole
double bogey

How many scores do I need to post to start my handicap

You need to post at least five 18 hole rounds or ten 9 hole rounds before a handicap can be calculated.

Are there any scores I can't post?

Yes, there are a few instances in which scores should not be posted.  Here are the following scores that should not be posted.

You played less than 13 holes in an 18 hole round, or less than 7 holes in a 9 hole round.  On the holes you didn't play, record par plus any handicap strokes you would have received. 

  1. When an 18 hole course you play is less than 3,000 yards.
  2. When a majority of the holes aren't played under the USGA Rules of Golf (for example, a scramble format).
  3. When you play in a competition limiting the types of clubs used.
  4. When you play in an area observing an inactive season.
  5. When scores are made on a course with no USGA Course or Slope rating.

In all other instances, you should post your scores.

How do I calculate my course handicap?

At each course you play, you will have a different course handicap.  Your handicap index is used to calculate your course handicap.  Here is how it is calculated:

        Your handicap index  x   the slope of the tees you will play from       =     Your course handicap  113


If my handicap index is currently 29.5.  The slope of the red tees (forward tees) at Meadows of Six Mile Creek is 117 (the slope rating for each set of tees will be listed on the scorecard.  My course handicap is as follows:

                   29.5   x    117     =           31 (rounded from 30.5)

If you are playing 9 holes, you would divide your course handicap by two.  In my example, my 9 hole course handicap would be 15.

As an example:

I will be playing Matilda at Meadows of Six Mile Creek.  My 9 hole course handicap is 15.  If I play Matilda who's handicap index is 19, her 9 hole course handicap will be 10.  

(19 * 117 / 113) = 20 (rounded from 19.67) / 2 = 10

Therefore, Matilda will have to give me 5 strokes. 

The strokes are assigned according to the scorecard.  You will notice that each hole is assigned a handicap number 1 - 18 on the scorecard.  The first stroke is assigned to the lowest handicap number hole until all strokes are assigned.  

I want to learn more about my handicap index.

Great!  We recommend the following excellent resources:

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